Pirelli Sponsors Green Rally of Montréal

Pirelli has stepped into green-flavored Canadian motorsport by entering in a partnership with the Green Rally of Montréal, formally known as the Rally of Alternative Energies of Montréal.

Pirelli will be the official tire supplier of the series with the Cinturato “Green Performance” family.

The three-day, 600 kilometer competition is restricted to vehicles utilizing alternative energy. Unlike other rallies, the Green Rally of Montréal runs its course on the open road and follows the legal speed limits.

Drivers are challenged in operating their vehicles in the most efficient manner possible since consumption index – the relationship between the energy used and the weight of the vehicle – is taken into account in the final scoring.

“We’re truly excited to participate in this year’s Green Rally of Montreal,” said Mattia Bussacchini, president of Pirelli Canada. “The Cinturato tire has over 60 years of motorsport history and this will be a fantastic way to demonstrate the latest technology and advancements in an increasingly eco-conscious environment.”

Pirelli says its “Green Performance” range is noted for its low rolling resistance, reduced road noise and high mileage. New eco-friendly materials result in the elimination of highly aromatic oils from the compounds and minimize environmental impact, both at the production stage and over the life of the tire.

The Green Rally of Montréal complies with the International Sporting Code and is a sanctioned race as part of the International Championship of the Alternative Energy Cup organized by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA).

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