Peugeot RC Hybrid Concept to Show in Paris

At the 2006 Paris auto show, Peugeot unveiled its 908 RC full-size sedan concept. That vehicle was a showcase of luxury and high-performance, utilizing the company’s 700-horsepower Le Mans V12 diesel. Two years—and an oil price shock—later, Peugeot will return to the Paris show with another RC concept vehicle. This time, it’s a hybrid.

Is the Peugeot RC Hybrid Concept a bold vision of what European roadways need during these carbon- and energy-obsessed times? Not quite. The new Peugeot RC hybrid—the complete name will be revealed in September at the show—went on a low-fuel low-carbon diet, but remains bloated at 313 horsepower. Despite the power, the company claims the four-door, four-seat will emit just 109 grams of CO2 per kilometer.

In all fairness, the Peugeot RC hybrid is strictly a concept with very little chance of going into production. The RC initials could be very loosely translated as “racing car.” According to the Peugeot press release, RC is more of “a working laboratory of many future ideas and brings together numerous stylistic, engineering and technological ideas all in a single vehicle.”

In Paris next month, the Peugeot RC hybrid will become only the most recent in a line of eco-friendly concept vehicles trotted out at by PSA Peugeot Citroën. All the concepts show groundbreaking fuel economy and negligible emissions. For example, the 307 Hybrid HDi and Citroën C4 Hybride HDi vehicles claimed 69 miles a gallon. That’s easy enough to promise in a press release. The real challenge for Peugeot is to start working on a high-mpg hybrid and/or diesel production vehicle that customers could buy at reasonable price—and have it ready to show at the 2010 Paris auto show.

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  • TD

    How come the actual cars never look as cool as the concept cars?

  • Samie

    Too bad I keep reading about how the luxury brands keep failing to deliver on hybrids and gas saving vehicles. Why is it that Tesla a small car company is producing a vehicle with kick, performance, and gas savings but folks like BMW and Peugeot still want to put rocket engines in cars and claim great fuel savings while getting 15-22mpg? Sorry I demand more from higher end cars. Will be great to see when the Volt comes out and Tesla with its second car b/c this could shift how the higher end car companies approach making cars. And maybe we will see Volt type concepts in all luxury cars in a few years.

  • Bryce

    Car of the stars here……

    Now give me the car of the people.

    Honda hybrid

    Chevy Volt

    Chevy Cruze

    hell…..I will even throw in the Toyota Prius

  • mdensch

    TD: The actual cars never look as good as the concept cars because the concepts are hand-built, one-off units. When they mass produce the real car, limitations in the manufacturing process come into play. You can only stamp out sheet metal panels or mold glass in so many ways. A concept car can cost millions to build. The real thing has to be more or less affordable.

    Re: Luxury hybrids. I’m sure manufacturers would build them if their customers demonstrated that there is sufficient demand to justify the investment. Environmental awareness is a low priority with most such buyers. It’s about exclusivity, one-ups-manship and bling. The Tesla is a fascinating project, but will sell in extremely small numbers and will amount to little more than an expensive toy for the rich.

  • Samie

    Agree with what you said mdench but if a Volt offers some of the same performance and fast acceleration rates with a price tag thats in the mid 30’s (After a tax break) The one up crowd will have a new toy that may cost half of what they are use to paying. The question is out if luxury buyers would purchase a Chevy brand. Maybe just take the logo off add leather and put Lexis on it charge 10k more then you have a huge hit. Tesla is a small company that may not rock the boat in sheer sales but it may show with its second car priced 30k-40k that there could be market for Lower-end Luxury EV/long range hybrid types. Plain jane hybrids I agree don’t cut it w/ the look at me crowd but when zip is added from a EV type system I see a huge hit in say 5-7 years. Don’t care if I get one of these 30-40K EV’s in a few years but just let me test drive one and I will be happy boy 🙂

  • Lex Rida

    Yeah, concepts. That’s all they got (they = european carmakers). Take one to the streets, and to the worldwide markets, then let’s talk. This here is a waste of time for all readers.

  • sssss


  • Boom Boom

    Lex, if we banned all concepts from this site, we’d have precious little to talk about….

  • Lex Rida

    I apologize for the last sentence in my post above. It was inappropriate and in no way directed against HC staff.

    The real annoyance are those carmakers and their fancy concepts meant to tease some concerned customers and politicians but not a bit more.

    Did you know Mercedes is about to dump their ML450 Hybrid? And word is the Q7 hybrid project has been stopped as well.

  • thomatt12

    I really like the design of this hot concept from Peugeot. I just hope that the production model will be as good.