Peugeot Quartz PHEV Concept Slated For Paris Debut

Looks like Peugeot wants to hit the green hard at the Paris show as the company has announced a second concept with green credentials, the Peugeot Quartz PHEV concept.

The company announced earlier this week an hybrid-air concept.

The French manufacturer said its Quartz concept uses a plug-in hybrid drive train integrating a 1.6-liter THP 270 gasoline engine supplemented by two electric motors, combined to a six-speed automatic transmission. The front axle is driven by the engine and an 85 kilowatt electric motor with direct drive. This electric motor charges the 400V battery during deceleration and assists the combustion engine with gear changes. The rear axle also features an 85 kilowatt electric motor for propulsion and battery charging.

The concept offers three driving modes: ZEV can cover up to 31 miles on a single battery charge using the plug-in battery; Road mode uses the combustion engine and front electric motor to enhance driving pleasure and maximize battery charging during deceleration; Race mode harnesses the power of the engine and both electric motors to get the most out of the chassis with a limited-slip differential for increased driver engagement, explained Peugeot.

The front axle of the Quartz employs MacPherson struts; at the rear there’s a multi-arm suspension arrangement including the on-board electric motor, said the automaker. The pneumatic suspension automatically adjusts ground clearance between 300 and 350mm. This is controlled by an optical system that uses cameras linked to the satellite navigation to read the road and anticipate changes in its surface.

The company stated this concept unveils a new vision for the crossover segment at the 2014 Paris Motor Show. In Peugeot’s words, this next generation SUV blends dazzling design with innovative materials and a powerful HYbrid drivetrain to create the ultimate premium family car experience.

“With the Exalt and Quartz Concepts, the Brand is showcasing its vision of the high-end automotive market. Peugeot is committed to developing exclusive concepts for its customers through outstanding design, innovative materials and unparalleled sensations,” said Maxime Picat, Peugeot Brand Chief Executive Officer.


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