Ontario-Québec Partnership For EV Charging Network

Hydro-Québec and Plug’nDrive Ontario announced a joint working group to plan the roll-out of an electric vehicle (EV) public charging infrastructure between Québec and Ontario, to offer cross-border charging stations.

Hydro-Québec and Plug’nDrive Ontario believe that the rollout of a public charging infrastructure is needed to support the arrival of plug-in electric vehicles.

Québec and Ontario drivers need to benefit from a public charging service with quick and simple payment. That’s the objective Plug’nDrive and Hydro-Québec will pursue.

A public charging network, inspired by the business model of The Electric Circuit, a network of public charging stations already in operation in Québec, could be launched.

“Although most EV drivers will charge at home and at night, maximizing the environmental and economic benefits of EVs, expanding public charging infrastructure is crucial to their widespread adoption” said Cara Clairman, president and CEO of Plug’nDrive. “This project will not only provide an infrastructure link between Ontario and Quebec, but establish a business model upon which future public charging networks in other jurisdictions can be based.”

The working group will identify the first areas to be served, find potential private or public partners and assess the obstacles to an infrastructure roll-out in a territory with such a large number of jurisdictions.

Ontario and Québec are the two biggest Canadian provinces and both have a huge concentration of their population located in the southern part of their territory, along the great lakes and St-Lawrence river areas.

“We are always on the lookout for new partners. This allows us to develop a more diversified service offer to benefit drivers of plug-in electric vehicles.” said Pierre-Luc Desgagné, Senior Director – Strategic Planning at Hydro-Québec. “To allow these drivers to travel more easily between Québec and Ontario, we must find solutions quickly.”

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  • Roy_H

    Good news. Although rather sketchy on the details. How many? What charge level will be available. I understand this is still at planning stages but they probably have some target ideas.

    Sounds much better than the McGinty-Better Place deal several years ago for charge spots in downtown Toronto. Actually I have never followed up on that, I hope it fell through as nobody is interested in signing up with Better Place anyway. It would be a shame if there are a number of precious parking spots reserved for Better Place customers.