Oil Addict? Try Cold Turkey

March 25, 2007: Green Bay Press GazetteElectric-car Devotee Swears Off Use of Gasoline for a Year

Electrons, not gasoline, flow into the "tank" of this little car.

Summary: You can win a fight with City Hall, at least if you live in Wisconsin. That’s what Tracy Crawford did in order to drive her DaimlerChrysler GEM car on the streets of several nearby municipalities. Now she wants that momentum to take her further: a year without gasoline.

"Crawford is so intent on going a year without gas that she’s selling her Prius because at 50 mpg, it uses "too much" gasoline.

"She plans to use the money she spends insuring her Prius on a contingency fund."

Not everybody is ready to take that plunge, but if Crawford can pull it off for a year, more people might consider trying. Crawford herself says that she hopes to grow so accustomed to the gas-free lifestyle that she never goes back.


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  • qqq

    go for it-hope it works out well!

  • Alex

    This further proves that most people only need a small car to go to work and carry a load of groceries. I would find much greater joy in having to not pay for gasoline or pay for an oversized and overpriced SUV and then use the savings for retirement. Lets question what actually makes us truly happy.

  • Hybrid Since 10/02

    Most of the wear and tear on any car is short trips. An EV can handle it, noooo big deal.

    Good for you!

  • Adam West

    It amazes me whenever i go to town and see all the city people driving huge gas guzzlers just to go to walmart. And for some reason it’s women who do it the most(i go during the daytime). is there something emotional about driving big trucks that justifies polluting the air?

  • Adam West

    If you do research on the internet you will see other people have been doing this for years. so if you need help look them up. I wish you luck. Why did GM ever pull the plug on their all electric car? politicians got their hands everywhere don’t they.

  • eh…not!

    she can drive electric all she wants, but she’s still indirectly buying gas or other fossil fuels from the power plant that most likely uses it to generate her electricity

  • Andreas

    why do “they” drive big trucks/SUVs? Whenever I asked any American, the answer was: it’s safer than a small car. Well true to the fact that a heavier car is always a little bit safer than the lighter one in an head-on crash. You need to change this thinking before you can turn peapole to smaller cars.

  • Van

    A recent study published showed that light cars were not as safe as heavier vehicles. But the same study showed that cars (sedans with a 5 star crash rating) that weighed 2900 lbs or more were saved that all pickups and nearly all SUV’s. Sedans weighing more 3300 lbs or more were the safest vehicles, safer than all, no matter how big and heavy, SUV’s.

    Thus a 2900 lb Prius is very safe, and a 3600 lbs Camry hybrid is the safest type of vehicle on the road today.

    Truth is on our side.

  • qqq

    A Camry weighs 3600 lbs??? I had a first-gen Camry that only weighed 2400 lbs. pork!!!

    Plus, that old thing got 34 mpg!!

    And please, STOP DELETING my cute lil smiley faces!!! I know it looks like spam, but they’re soooo cute!! WHY DID THEY TAKE AWAY THE CUTE SMILEY FACES???

  • RR

    the entire nation’s electric grid would implode. How many of you would fight the constuction of massive, FOSSIL FUEL burning, CO2 emitting, polluting, power plants in your backyard? How about when your electric bill quadruples to support your “electric addiction”?

    Yeah, I got a suburban… and a bike.

  • Gianluca

    An Internal combustion engine efficiency is at most 25%, the one of a big powerplant can reach 60% or more! The electric motor on your EV is 90% or more efficient.

    So, do your math: every 100joule of petrol energy, you will use 54 with a plug-in and only 25 with a regular car…

  • Candice

    Electricity most often comes from coal…the dirtiest energy availabile. Thanks for supporting the coal industry!

    You’d be better off riding a bike…or doing your research.

  • Nona Talarico

    any help on what company the GEM people are using to insure their cars.
    thanks for any help