Offsetting Emissions at the Pump In California

It is now possible to offset carbon emission at the pump while refueling for Fullerton, California residents who wishes to do so.

Propel Fuels has become the first company to enable consumers to offset their driving emissions at the pump any time they fill their tank.

Propel’s flagship fuel station in Fullerton, Calif. offers customers the option to offset their carbon emissions by funding clean air projects through the Foundation.

Since Propel launched CarbonOffset in May, customers have chosen to contribute $1 per fill to fully offset the emissions from their purchase more than one thousand times. The two-month pilot has offset more than 160,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) at this single station, which is equivalent to taking 84 cars off the road in the same two-month time period.

Drivers and fleets can also track and report CO2 emission reductions as a result of their participation in the CarbonOffset program through Propel’s proprietary CleanDrive program. Logging in at each fill up, CleanDrive members receive personalized emissions reports showing their reductions in CO2 emissions, barrels of oil displaced, and equivalent annual impact of mature trees.

Propel’s partner, the Foundation, uses the carbon offset contributions to fund projects focusing on renewable energy, methane capture, energy efficiency, reforestation and other carbon emissions reduction strategies.

Current offset contributions from Propel’s customers are helping to fund the Truck Stop Electrification Project, a project which provides truck drivers in California and other states the opportunity to access heating, cooling, internet, TV and other amenities by plugging into electricity rather than idling their diesel engines during rest periods.

On top of reducing truck idling CO2 emissions by 90 percent, the Truck Stop Electrification Project improves air quality around truck stops and surrounding communities.’s Quality Assurance Protocol ensures that every project meets or exceeds international certification standards before it qualifies to be a part of the project portfolio.

If Propel’s CarbonOffset program continues at its current rate of participation, the program has the potential to offset more than 5 million pounds of CO2 over the next five years at this station alone.

Given the early success of CarbonOffset, Propel plans to expand the CarbonOffset offering to more locations as additional fuel stations open across California in the coming years.

Propel operates a growing network of Clean Fuel Points (CFP), green-built, self-serve filling stations co-located at existing gas stations, and Clean Mobility Centers (CMC), which introduce renewable fuels (Flex Fuel E85, biodiesel blends) alongside the conventional gasoline that drivers use today.

According to Propel, along with the CarbonOffset option, Propel’s CMCs help drivers improve their vehicle’s fuel economy through free air for their tires, find rideshare opportunities, tune bicycles, and recycle on the go. As the company continues to build out its network of CFPs and CMCs, Propel will continue to expand the CarbonOffset program to new stations and thousands more drivers.

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