Obama Wants Action on Energy

Stimulus plan calls for more fuel-efficient federal vehicles, but critics call it pork.

President Obama today signed a presidential memorandum requesting the Department Of Energy to set higher efficiency standards for everyday household appliances. He spoke at the Energy Department to an audience of about 220 staffers.

Mr. Obama also spent several minutes speaking about the importance of producing more fuel-efficient vehicles, including plug-in hybrids.

“Through investments in our mass transit system to boost capacity, in our roads to reduce congestion, and in technologies that will accelerate the development of innovations like plug-in hybrid vehicles, we’ll be making a significant down payment on a cleaner and more energy independent future.

“Now, I read the other day that critics of this plan ridiculed our notion that we should use part of the money to modernize the entire fleet of federal vehicles to take advantage of state of the art fuel efficiency. This is what they call pork. You know the truth. It will not only save the government significant money over time, it will not only create manufacturing jobs for folks who are making these cars, it will set a standard for private industry to match. And so when you hear these attacks deriding something of such obvious importance as this, you have to ask yourself: are these folks serious? Is it any wonder that we haven’t had a real energy policy in this country?

“For the last few years, I’ve talked about these issues with Americans from one end of this country to another. And Washington may not be ready to get serious about energy independence, but I am. And so are you. And so are the American people.”

“Inaction is not an option that is acceptable to me and it’s certainly not acceptable to the American people—not on energy, not on the economy, not at this critical moment.”

President Obama then called on Congress to “rise to this moment.” He reiterated that the scale and approach of his energy proposals are required to lead America toward energy independence and economic recovery.

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  • Bryce

    Sounds good to me.

  • Collin Burnell

    Count Me In!!!

  • Rich S

    Wow! I’m still not used to a president who can speak in complete sentences and articulate a coherent thought. All without lying thru his teeth. What a country. LOL!

  • 9691

    Hey, I feel hope again for us, our planet and the world. Obama doesn’t have much time though. If China should become the world’s next leading economy by 2020, the standards by which a civilized world will go on might not be set on time to show results and become a lever in foreign policy like human rights are now. Governments who have traditions in oppression will most likely not care about the rest of the world, pollution and health. Sorry, this is a hybrid site, not a political one. Lets hope we’ll see more energy efficient vehicles, household devices and systems in the near future.

  • Samie

    A comment to 9691
    While it is true at some point the Chinese may eclipse the U.S. economy there are some huge problems in China at some point it will come out. China is somewhat a exporter of goods and services they are not like the U.S w/c is a consumption economy w/o little saving. As standard of living raises also the divisions or gaps b/t poor and rich also people will expect more want more mobility and consume more. So to your comments if China remains a quansi communist country I’m not sure I can agree with all of your comments.

    As for the article a couple days ago I looked at the Republicans waste list on CNN.com and the plan to spend money retro fitting gov. buildings and the government using money for hybrids was on their list. The type of attitudes by some Republicans is shameful that is on the environment to score points in a reelection bid in a few years. Too bad this topic is still used to divide people or help special interests you would think in the last ten years we all would have learned a few things, guess not..

  • 3 Prong Power

    Do not block Plug-in tax credits! Please help and notify your elected officials…

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    But now our efforts are threatened – we hear that the consumer tax credits for plug-in hybrid conversions may get removed from the stimulus bill.

    We need your help – we will do most of the work. Please take just a moment to click through the link below and send a strong message to your representatives in Congress and the President telling them that you want plug-in electric vehicles to be successful along with the truly green jobs they can create. Show Washington just how serious you are about wanting affordable plug-in vehicles on the road now:


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  • RandalH

    @Boom Boom: What a stupid post.

    So, if someone disagrees with the policy, he’s automatically a racist dittohead? What a dreary little world must live inside your head.

  • AP

    Hopefully President Obama doesn’t use up all his political capital on this stimulus/pork bill. There are plenty of projects in it that will have no effect until 2 years from now, which may be pouring gasoline on a fire if the economy recovers before then.

    I am very concerned that he cannot get a bill through a Democratic Congress with large majorities. He only needs one Republican vote in the Senate to get a bill through if he can keep all the Democrats together, and more than one Republican senator will vote for it. So it isn’t a matter of Republicans obstructing the bill, but a matter of the Democrats not being able to put a bill together that they can all agree on enough to vote for it.

    It isn’t good for anyone if he comes out of this already weakened, but I’ve seen members of the press questioning him that never did during the campaign. I would not be surprised to see CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC turn on him soon (I think he has MSNBC locked up, though). Unfortunately, they should have been a little more diligent before the election rather than now.

  • Samie

    AP it is true to say some Democrats are trying to add dumb things into the bill but some Republicans are trying to score points too. While there is some “pork” in this package I don’t see some of the environmental measures as pork. Some in congress are mad b/c they want to add special protects for their constituents or to help their special interests groups. Some Republicans are trying to block or seriously alter this bill w/ their own alt. bill. Tax cuts vs government spending to increase job growth and actually how much time it would take to spend the money are some major concerns. What people don’t realize is that takes more than just 1 year or two quarters of growth to fully get out of our current recession So while there is some spending that would run for say 2-3 yrs its not as wasteful as one may think…
    Oh one last though AP many of the Democrats know who got them elected so I doubt they would bolt against Obama if it came down to a power struggle.

  • Boom Boom

    I think that the actions around this bill are showing that Obama truly is trying to get a consensus on the bill. The GOP in congress is taking a no compromise approach. The fact that he is getting no extra votes for it simply means that the GOP has found it’s party loyalty. The Dems are equally unified. The GOP sees that it is to Obama’s advantage to work together, since that makes Obama look like he’s achieving his goals of removing partisanship, so they’re pushing for gridlock. I think that, in the end, if this bill gets held up for weeks because of a lack of consensus, it will be just a damaging to the GOP in Congress as to Obama. I hope that doesn’t happen.

  • Boom Boom

    I’m waiting for the venom-filled Ditto-head posts that occur anytime the word “Obama” get’s in a title. Perhaps we’ll hear more questions about our president’s racial background, communist heritage, or Clinton associations…

    I hope all this talk gets translated into actions. Congress seems to be making that rather hard….

  • Boom Boom

    Your angry response to an imagined comment kind of proves my point. If you actually read what I said, I didn’t say anything of the sort. You’re jumping to conclusions which have no basis.

    What I am referring to, is that the last two or three times an article was posted with Obama’s name in the title, every third post was random post attacking, among other things, Obama’s “blackness”. Many of them were removed by the editors, so you may have missed them. I’m all for disagreement.

  • Jessee McBroom

    I for one give President Obama 2 thumbs up on this one. Maybe if we all just boycott the big 3 until they actually start taking PIH and HEV seriously they would comply with public desire and demand.

  • Lost Prius to wife

    AP, I agree with you on the possibility of President Obama using up all his political capital. With the economy in such “great” shape, the press is definitely going to hold his “feet to the fire”. Hopefully the reason the stimulus bill is taking longer is because the Senate, on a whole, is arguing for more stimulus and less pork (I am not naiveté; there is no way to get all the pork out with that many Senators’ “fingers” in the “pie”). That could allow for a long battle with both the Republicans and the Democrats, both between and within the parties. And I agree that if he can keep the Democrats together, more than one Republican senator will vote for the stimulus bill.

    But he still seems to be able to rally the people. I think if the stimulus bill should start taking too long, President Obama may call on the people to hurry Congress along. He may become one of a few Presidents that relies on the fact that it is a government “for the people”, not the corporations.

    I was once told by my macro economics professor that the scarcest resource in the world was good management. Way back then, I doubted him; but I now know just how right he was. How many stories have we heard of gross misspending and massive golden parachutes? Golden parachutes that actually paid more than the person would have actual earned working the full term of their contract. How many companies have cut their executives’ salaries and bonuses in poor times to keep workers employed? Not all management is “bad”, but enough to keep the economy from recovering as fast as it could. In most countries outside the US, the CEO, in general, only makes 30X to 50X* the lowest employee’s wages. I have heard that CEOs in the US earn an average of 85X* the lowest employee’s wages with some even earning 100X and 200X*. (*These figures change up and down over periods of time and are true only in general.)

    I feel President Obama will be a good leader and manager of the country. But President Obama can not control corporations, nor would he want to. That responsibility falls on to the stockholders, many of which do not exercise that responsibility or right (just like many voters).

    Therefore he is left with trying to stimulate economy through credits, reimbursements, etc. (the stimulus bill). I think President Obama is satisfied at the debating, but not the time that it is taking. I think we all know that the economy will not start recovering until the stimulus bill does pass. And it will take at least until the end of the year before it stops falling and starts climbing out of the economic hole we are in. And my bet is that it will be a slow economic climb for 3 to 5 years after this year before anything gets close to being “normal”.

    President Obama has to start on his energy policy. And including some of that policy in the stimulus bill only makes sense. Credits and reimbursements for energy savings and gas savings only make sense since this will help sell new products that translate into jobs. This is why credits and reimbursements for hybrid cars and electric cars are so important. Car manufacturing is a major part of this nation’s industry. When someone buys a car, they pay for a lot of people’s wages. President Obama wants those cars to make us less dependent on oil, both foreign and domestic, along with stimulating the economy.

    And for anyone that thinks I am a President Obama fan, my presidential candidate was knock out of the race early in the primaries. President Obama knows how to talk well; now we will see if he can “walk the talk”. If it comes down to management (choosing the right person for the right job) and integrity, so far he is doing fairly well.

  • RandalH

    @Boom Boom: Sorry, I don’t buy it. You were clumsily attempting to practice a form of neo-censorship by casting dissenting opinion as “hate” or “racist” speech in order to discredit it before it is even spoken. The only people I see commenting on Obama’s race are those who are like minded to you. The irony is that such exploitation is itself racist.

  • AP

    Lost Prius to Wife, I hope you’re right (that he can hold his reputation together), because he has many tasks on his plate. As near as I can figure, the reason corporations pay executives as much as they do is that they can. Let’s face it; the whole salary structure in the US is out of whack when we criticize someone who makes $20M/year running a large company, but applaud Shaq for making $30M/year playing basketball. Everything is based on what someone else might pay the person you are trying to keep. However, when that person is running a bank into the ground, I would think that you shouldn’t be trying to keep them, anyway.

    Note that the car CEO’s are already working for $1/year.

    As for comments that the Republicans shouldn’t propose a bill of their own, I believe that’s exactly what they should do. They shouldn’t criticize unless they have a better idea, which they are doing. It would have been better still if the Democrats had consulted at all with the Republicans before presenting the bill. From what I understand, Pelosi and Reid don’t even take advice from many Democrats – much less Republicans. I think the country would be much better off without such closed-minded leaders in Congress.

  • AP

    RandalH, I agree that I hear might more race-baiting from the left side of the aisle (I’m in the middle – conservative-leaning). I’ve heard people accuse Limbaugh and Hannity, for instance, of being racist. But I’ve listened to them, and what they preach is responsibility for your actions and an equal chance at success, regardless of race, creed, or color. That shouldn’t be construed as racist.

    The fact that we have a black president should not be controversial or amazing, and I hope people didn’t vote for (or against) him just because of his race. But this also means that he should not get special treatment from the press, because that somehow implies that he needs it.

    My bet, though, is that the press will turn on him – not because of his race, but because he isn’t perfect (since no one is). Once anything starts going wrong, I am afraid they’ll jump off his bandwagon, and belatedly dig into every nook and cranny of his life. I hope I’m wrong, but the only thing the media likes to do more than build someone up is to then tear them down. It must give them a power rush.

  • Samie

    AP said: (also to RandalH’s comments)
    “I’ve heard people accuse Limbaugh and Hannity, for instance, of being racist. But I’ve listened to them, and what they preach is responsibility for your actions and an equal chance at success, regardless of race, creed, or color.”

    Hannity is an idiot plan and simple, talking point all the way with no ideas of his own, just lesson to a Conservative Radio Station for one day on a long drive the same talking points are recycled including the local idiot someone hands these guys things to say each day.

    As for Limbaugh how can you say such things when he was cheering on that racist song about Obama oh I’m sorry wink wink nod nod non racist song. Limbaugh said “I hope Obama fails”, you say he gives equal chances??? He does the same kind of stuff with gay women, environmentalists and talks down anyone who he believes is wrong. Both these people you mention are just talking heads to try to get people to subscribe into narrow minded ideologies w/c I know you don’t believe in b/c of your idea w/ the Gasoline Tax. But make no mistakes Liberal radio stations do the same thing in trying to push people into believing everything they want them to believe…. The point is their only purpose is to divide people and get people to agree with these narrow ideas even if it is against someones ideals or self interests or say being a idiot and voting straight party lines.

    Also what is different from what the Republicans are saying and what they wanted the last 8 years? Tax cuts Tax cuts w/ being a crusader sound that bell for political points as being somehow now fighting gov. “pork” or waste all of a sudden w/c that may include things that may better our environment, that’s whats on their list so not sure I’m all cheery about some of the things they are calling waste w/c they want out of the bill.

  • Boom Boom

    You don’t have to buy it. It is a fact that the last time that an article about Obama was put up on this site, there were multiple posts in the comments that said that Obama wasn’t really “black” and that he was a communist. They didn’t address the article, just attacked Obama. Luckily, this site has moderators who are willing to remove such posts when they’re reported. I only brought up his race in that context.

    You clearly can’t read, since if you read my original post, I never say or imply that dissenting opinion is racist. I wondered how many crazy posts we’d get about Obama. I disagree with AP regularly but have never called him prejudiced or even said he lived in a dreary world. I disagree with his post above, but don’t think for a second that we differ because of racism. AP actually reads the articles and comments on them.

    I’ve seen your posts before and they’re always belligerent, self-righteous and insulting. So I’m not really surprised that you are spouting off about things with out much of a clue at all.

  • Boom Boom

    As for Samie’s comments, you took the words right out of my mouth pal. Limbaugh is a bigot and a racist. There are plenty of republicans and conservatives who are not, but they don’t support Limbaugh either. The true conservatives in this country wisely distance themselves from him.

  • GR

    This is why I voted for Obama.

    Well, this reason among many others.

  • AP

    Rush Limbaugh hopes President Obama’s policies fail because Obama is a liberal, not because he is black. He did the same for Clinton (who is white). I don’t agree with Limbaugh – I don’t want to see Obama fail, because he is our president. I only hope he doesn’t go overboard with liberal policies.

    Limbaugh’s song parodying “Puff, the Magic Dragon,” was inspired by an African-American writer for the LA times, who called Obama the epiphet in Limbaugh’s song. It’s a double standard to criticize Limibaugh for using it and not to criticize the originator of the name. I believe he is trying to point that out by using it.

    I really do think that conservatives are less racist than liberals, because conservatives believe everyone is capable of making it on their own. Liberals are always painting conservatives as racist, but I see very little from conservatives I know. I work with people from all races and countries, and we all get along on skill and determination.

    To me, being for affirmative action is somehow assuming that African-Americans are not as capable, which I don’t believe. The government has become the “father” for far too many in Detroit, for example. I hope that President Obama can use his unique background to help this, not so much with cash, but with inspiration, focus, and goals.

    Since I lean conservative, I do think a lot of what Limbaugh says is right. But I don’t like his double-standards when it comes to making excuses for conservatives who commit the same “sins” that liberals do. His argument that “global warming can’t be man-made because we would be arrogant to think that we could affect the planet” is stupid, though I have to say from the evidence I’ve seen, that the evidence is still spotty.

    That said, I don’t care whether global warming exists or not, because either way, we need to do more to conserve energy resources. We are stewards of this planet (a Christian value that Limbaugh conveniently forgets), and our country must reduce its political dependency on unstable nations. Personally, I think that’s why Obama is soft-peddling the “global warming” issue right now. Take away that talking point, and the other side cannot argue against you. Use the things both sides can agree on.

    I also don’t agree with Limbaugh that the “free market” does the best job in every case. For the most part it does, but with petroleum, which is really a strategic resource, it fails. Uncertainty in its price kills the certainty of profits for small cars from domestic manufacturers (one of which I work for). For me, a higher fuel tax (to reduce price volatility) is necessary to not only help the US become more politically free, but to save the auto industry.

    I agree that Sean Hannity is an idiot, but he is also not racist. At least he realizes that very few of us are here by heritage and that we all have to get by using our own skills and hard work. He also points out that we have to reward people who take risks to better things, which is anti-socialism. He is right that Americans are becoming so afraid of taking risks that it is stifling our creativity and innovation.

    I listen to both ends of the spectrum, and don’t agree with everything from either side. But it pays to hear both of them so that when you hear them mis-characterized, you know it. There are also some good ideas from both, which we shouldn’t discount just because of the source. We need to be pragmatic.

    I agree that the last 8 years weren’t good for the US, but it wasn’t because of too much conservatism. Bush was not a fiscal conservative at all, except for reducing taxes. He allowed way too much spending, probably making a deal with the Democrats that he would allow the spending as long as they funded his wars (much like Reagan did with SDI). That, and too much easy credit set us up for disaster.

  • WompaStompa

    I hope Limbaugh’s heart fails.

  • Bryce

    Good luck to Obama on this one, but the Democrats biggest opponent in the past, and perhaps in the future, often seems to be themselves. They can never seem to agree amongst themselves, let alone bring on board the opposition. There is one thing the Republicans always had going for them, relative solidarity.

  • Boom Boom

    Yeah, they’ve always followed their president when the hard decisions needed to be made. Like when 2/3rds of the Republicans in the house voted against Bush’s bank bailout. That was serious solidarity…..


    I wish he would start by using solar energy to power government offices and public schools, at least those in the best locations (for sun) in the south. Government offices and schools are mainly used during daylight hours! The weekends (and summers for schools), can provide a much needed clean energy boost to the economy, and make solar a less expensive option for the public to purchase!

  • Bryce


    First term

    good point though

  • Wang

    The American people trust that Barack Obama shall effectively address energy issues.


    Obama is a racial-minority individual and does not like racism:

    There is bad news about George Herbert Walker Bush.

    What if basically all racial-minority people would subscribe to the interpretations that George Herbert Walker Bush committed monstrous, racist, hate crimes while he was the President of the United States?

    It will eventually come out: it is only a matter of time.

    Respectfully Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang, J.D. Candidate
    B.S., With the Highest Level of Academic Honors at Graduation, 1996
    Messiah College, Grantham, PA
    Lower Merion High School, Ardmore, PA, 1993

    (I can type 90 words per minute, and there are thousands of copies on the Internet indicating the content of this post. And there are thousands of copies in very many countries around the world.)
    ‘If only there could be a ban against invention that bottled up memory like scent & it never faded & it never got stale.’ It came from my Lower Merion High School yearbook.

  • jons action figures

    Looking back… it seems so far away. Good one though, keep it up Obama.

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    The employees working in America shall be given pension from the government treasury equivalent to 50%
    Of their salaries.

    Such employees who suffer from disabilities shall be given insurance benefits for their whole lives for the government treasury.
    And their children of the employees who face death also be paid insurance to their parent’s salary.

    All the employees working in America shall given free transportation, medical facility, food and living during their tenure.

    Employees leaving their jobs in America shall be paid given 3 months advance salary.

    President Barack Obama will become more popular by taking above action, and industry wills also prosper more in America.

    Ten thousand small dams planning during seven years in USA as a result of this planning ten million
    people shall obtain employment. Other than doubling the electricity shall also benefit fish forming, tourism, agriculture
    and trading.

    To obtain the subjective following rules and regulation shall be observed.

    Government and private institutes of America shall pay 5%share of their income
    In the new international development of corporation (IDC).

    2.IDC shall invest to build ten thousand new hydro electric dams adjacent to all the rivers
    with 100 km.

    3.From these small dames network of rivers shall be obtained this benefit fish forming and tourism spot.

    4.1500 hundred Dams shall be built each year at every cost.

    5. To speed up the progress of IDC government state government, arms forces and semi government
    organizations shall help and support the implementation of these small dams.

    The following regulations would be implanted to install American institutions of international standard for progress and construction in all the backward countries of the world.
    In the suggested institutions, the 50% investment would be done by American government, and these institutions would work private autonomous bodies.
    In the underdeveloped countries, the developmental institutions would sell these services privately in the following fields, in collaborations with the suggested institutions.
    Roads and bridges
    Industrial zones
    Housing projects
    Car, bus and truck industries
    Agriculture projects
    Schools, colleges and universities
    Hospitals and nursing training institutes
    Poultry fish and cattle farm training institutes
    Paper sugar and furniture industries
    Textile and garment industries
    Milk powder and tin pack fruit industries
    Ghee oil and soap industries
    Electronic and electric industries
    Engineering industries
    Steel railway aero plane and shipping industries

    To bring an agriculture and industrial revolution, the following regulations would be implemented
    a) In America, all the agricultural and technical institutions would be given following concessions instantly.
    1) All the new and old agriculture and technical institutes would be from all kind of taxes i-e income Tex, sales tax and property tax
    2) In America, all technical and agricultural training institutes would get 50% investment from federal and provincial governments
    3) Free books would be provided to students studying in these institutes of international stand red.
    4) All the expenses of students studying in these institutes would be borne by the federal and provincial governments.
    5) New courses of international stand red would be planned to teach in these agricultural and technical institutes.

    During the next seven years in America, the foiling rules and regulations would be observed to install one million wind mills and one million off shore tide tribunes.
    In the result of implanting the suggested plan, besides a large scale of production of pollution free electrical energy, there will be great development in employment, agriculture and industry
    1) Federal and states government would announce no tax on wind mills and off shore tide tribunes.
    2) To install wind mills and off shore tide tribunes the federal and states governments provide free land near off shore.
    3) To act upon the above mentioned plan, the federal and states governments America would announce to provide 50% capital to initiate the business.

    Mr. Barack Obama you are not only the Leader of America, you are Great Leader of the World. In this connection I am waiting for your Email response, dated 2.10.2009.
    Please Confirm.
    Thank you, God blesses you and God bless America.
    Agha Dilbar (founder)
    International Revolution Movement
    64-neelum block ait Lahore (Pakistan)
    Phone: 0092427830084
    Cell 03224628349
    Email aghadilbar4@gmail.com
    Website http://aghadilbar.webs.com/
    This Open Letter has been sent Eight Lak (800000) to International Community for the welfare of Humanity till today. I Agha Dilbar authorize Newspapers, Magazines, Internet to publish and Radio, T.V. Channels to broadcast this letter all round the World .
    I Agha Dilbar challenge with 100% trust that own result of my meeting with Barack Obama war on terror and suicide attacks in PAKISTAN, AFGHANISTAN ,IRAQ And all over the WORLD could be put to an end and due to this great success Barack Obama would be able to rule the America till 2016. And on my return of my official visit from America the world will be set on the way of implementing the CHANGE WE NEED. Live with Dignity and Die with Grace.
    It has been extraordinary to read and hear, some of the things I did my decision alone by the voice of God, who called me in my heart.
    Mystery of success to rule the World
    Peace through friendship progress and prosperity.
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    On 11/25/10, Barack Obama < https://mail.google.com/mail/h/8ulhddh81vla/?v=b&cs=wh&to=info@barackobama.com> wrote:
    > Friend —
    > When Michelle and I sit down with our family to give thanks today, I want
    > You to know that we’ll be especially grateful for folks like you.
    > Everything we have been able to accomplish in the last two years was
    > Possible because you have been willing to work for it and organize for it=
    > And every time we face a setback, or when progress doesn’t happen as

    > As we would like, we know that you’ll be right there with us, ready to
    > Another day.
    > So I want to thank you — for everything.
    > I also hope you’ll join me in taking a moment to remember that the
    > And security we enjoy as Americans are protected by the brave men and
    > Of the United States Armed Forces. These patriots are willing to lie down
    > Their lives in our defense, and each of us owes them and their families a
    > Debt of gratitude.
    > Have a wonderful day, and God bless.
    > Barack
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    (The copy of this special letter was written to Aagh Dilbar from
    President Barack Obama by internet. dated 11/25/2010)
    With greetings and best wishes.

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    Special Letter to President Barack Obama:

    The Great Leader of the World

    By Agha Dilbar

    I, Agha Dilbar, have sent Mr. President 100 registered research Letters (1000 new ideas to develop America and to Change the World forPeace and Prosperity) through Embassy of USA in Islamabad till today

    and also sent these registered Letters to Whitehouse Washington DC
    20500. The letters have been written along the guidelines of CHANGE WE
    NEED focusing on the problems of common men and with respect to and in
    pursuit of real solutions. To end economic recession, unemployment and
    to cease wars, and to guarantee peace and prosperity in the world. In
    these letters, I sent one thousand new scientific suggestions and
    plans on matters affecting every walk of life with global peace,
    friendship, progress and prosperity at their core.

    Dear President Barack Obama, the Great Leader

    of the World, my Friend, my Brother,

    I ask that you provide an opportunity for Agha Dilbar to pay an

    official visit to America, that we two brothers can sit together and

    by halting this horrible war

  • 2 bad 4 u

    How is that change working for u now…your a fool
    its all bushes fault right.

  • 2 bad 4 u

    How is that change working for u now…your a fool
    its all bushes fault right.

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