Norway Chooses Delta for Ishavsveien Charging Network

Delta Electronics announced Tuesday that it will provide high efficiency electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for the Ishavsveien charging network in Norway.

Delta offers two DC Quick Chargers that provide 50-500 volts DC / 50 kw output power, considered to be among the world’s highest in efficiency.

The first stretch of the Ishavsveien charging network will service the E6 road between Oslo and the Swedish border, and will feature universal charging stations with Delta’s EV charging solutions for all the EVs available on the market today.

Jackie Chang, president and general manager of Delta Electronics EMEA said that “as a world-leading power management solutions provider, Delta is happy to fully support the initiative of the Norwegian government with our high efficiency EV charging solutions. Delta’s DC Quick Chargers are easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain. Every Delta DC Quick Charger achieves close to 95 percent high efficiency to help save up to 23 MWh of energy annually and reduce 14 tons of CO2 emissions compared with standard 90 percent efficiency chargers. With Delta’s global operations and service network in Europe, we are working with governments to cross the last mile of EV charging.”

Delta says its DC Quick Charger has received CHAdeMO standard certification, which regulates the charging interface, electrical signals, communication protocol, charging sequence, and safety mechanism.

Delta also says its DC Quick Charger provides a user-friendly interface through a 12-inch LCD touch screen and offers customers the convenience of full start and stop charging control from an authorized RFID smart card. Its network functionality seamlessly integrates backend service to update customers on charging information through their handheld devices.

Norway is considered one of the first countries in the world to successfully adopt electric mobility, having the highest number of pure electric vehicles per inhabitant and with economic policies strongly stimulating purchase, import, production and development of such vehicles.

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