Nissan’s Leaf Now In Puerto Rico

Nissan has delivered its first Leaf on the island of Puerto Rico this week.

Nissan stated the first customer is a family owned business dedicated to renewable energy projects. So dedicated, in fact, they purchased two all-electric Nissan Leafs.

“We were very anxious for the arrival of the Leaf. Nissan decided to bring them here and we were delighted to make the purchase. The vehicle has given us excellent results,” said Victor González, owner of Windmar Renewable Energy, Inc.

The Nissan Leaf is now available across the island.

“For Puerto Rico, the Leaf is ideal because of the distances we drive on a daily basis. Everyone’s reaction has been incredible. Everyone is very impressed with the car. Since it is 100 percent electric, everyone is very impressed with the vehicle’s performance. It is the perfect vehicle for the island of Puerto Rico,” said González. “In an island such as this one you don’t go too fast or too far. So when we couple the Leaf with our solar panels, like the ones we have in our homes and businesses, the cost of energy needed for the Leaf is greatly reduced.”

Globally, Nissan said there now are more than 130,000 Nissan Leafs on the road throughout 35 countries in four continents, and now on the island of Puerto Rico.

Recently, the Nissan Leaf also became available to consumers in Mexico, with the first customer hailing from Mexico City. Around the globe, interest in driving a 100 percent electric vehicle is growing every day, according to Nissan.

“It is the beginning of the electric vehicle in Puerto Rico. It was a very important event,” added Juan Gonzalez of Windmar Renewable Energy Inc.

Nissan has produced the following video about the first Puerto Rican Leaf:

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