Nissan’s Leaf Aims To Conquer Sidney

Nissan’s Leaf is gaining supporters in Australia.

The City of Sydney has taken delivery of ten Nissan Leaf. According to Nissan, this represents the single largest order of Leaf electric vehicles in Australia.

Nissan said the order replaces ten Toyota Prius that were part of the city’s former fleet, and will be used by a range of city employees, including building and health inspectors, town planners and engineers.

“They represent the first mass-produced, zero tail-pipe-emissions vehicles on the planet. We are the number one provider of that. Really, there is no emission from this vehicle as it is going down the road,” said William F. Peffer Jr., Managing Director and CEO of Nissan Australia after handing the cars over to City of Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore.

The City of Sydney became the first council in Australia to achieve formal certification as carbon-neutral under the National Carbon Offset Standard in November 2011.

The City said it has installed seven electric charging stations at its public parking stations in Kings Cross and Goulburn Street.

Carbon emissions from charging the electric vehicles will be offset by zero-carbon electricity produced by solar panels installed on City buildings.

Sidney is installing a total of 5,500 solar panels on 30 of its buildings, including Town Hall House, public buildings, major depots and additional solar panels for electric vehicle charging offsets; this represents the largest building-mounted solar installation in Australia.

“The other thing I hope it will do is to set an example to tiers of government, I’d like to see the federal government fleet in Canberra, I’d like to see the state government fleet in Macquarie Street using sustainable vehicles,” said Moore.

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