Nissan Teases All-Electric Infiniti Luxury Sports Car

The Nissan Leaf’s sportier sibling called the “Infiniti Zero Emission Luxury Concept” is being teased by its maker to amp-up interest for its public revealing in a couple of weeks.

Infiniti is also preparing a plug-in hybrid that’s even more highline, but AutoGuide reports Infiniti’s head marketer, Keith St. Clair said the latest car to be shown will be “100 percent electric, 100 percent luxury, 100 percent performance.”

And regarding the Emerge-E plug-in shown at Geneva, St. Clair said that track-ready electrified sports car is “signaling our intent to deliver a halo sports car in the very near future.”

It would appear Infiniti is also building on Renault-Nissan CEO and chief electric vehicle evangelist, Carlos Ghosn’s future plans, but electrified Infiniti design, performance, and no doubt cost will be in keeping with the brand’s upscale tradition.


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  • The anonymous

    Can an electric “sports” car seat five, comfortably and with style?

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