Nissan Teams With Coca-Cola To Test E-NV200

Coke is going electric with Nissan’s e-NV200 in Japan.

Nissan is providing Coca-Cola with the fully electric version of the NV200 commercial vehicle for field testing starting in mid-November.

Coca-Cola Central Japan Co., Ltd., will use Nissan’s multipurpose van as regional sales vehicle in Yokohama, evaluating its performance and practical usability against conventional internal-combustion engine vehicles.

Overall, Nissan said its goal with this test is to obtain feedback as to e-NV200’s suitability for commercial use. The van will be recharged only at night when electricity consumption is low. The test will determine if the nightly charge is sufficient to meet user needs during the day.

Nissan said it has already road tested the e-NV200 this year with several other major companies, including AEON Retail Co., Ltd., FedEx Express and British Gas in Japan and Europe. Nissan is using the feedback from the field testing to refine and enhance the final development of e-NV200, scheduled to launch by fiscal year 2014.

The commercial vehicle will be Nissan’s second mass-produced 100-percent EV, following the Leaf.

Nissan believes combining the powertrain of the Nissan Leaf with the practical NV200 base vehicle will not only deliver zero CO2 emissions, but also superior acceleration and quietness. In addition, e-NV200 has class-leading levels of operating costs, one of the most critical factors for businesses using commercial vehicles.

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