Nissan Shows AWD Hybrid Resonance Concept Car In Detroit

Annual auto shows are a great venue for vehicle makers to amplify what-ifs in consumers’ car fantasies with concept cars while remaining light on details on the “maybe we’ll make it, maybe we won’t” one-offs.

Such is the case with the Nissan Resonance concept crossover vehicle.

Teased by the company a week before the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Nissan finally yanked the silk off the Resonance, revealing an aerodynamic but muscular-looking SUV-like vehicle that may hint at the future of the company’s direction with mid-sized crossovers.


The roofline has a unique “floating” design courtesy of thin, steeply raked A-pillars, large full-length glass panel, flowing D-pillar design, accented by large windows. And the interior is said to impart the sense drivers are in a “VIP lounge,” thanks in part to a panoramic exterior view, sculpted door panels, and a hi-tech instrument panel and infotainment system.

In terms of more practical features, about the only details Nissan has been willing to divulge is that the powertrain will consist of a proprietary “one-motor, two-clutch” all-wheel drive system and a smaller displacement internal combustion gasoline engine with an electric motor/lithium-ion battery hybrid system.

The Resonance uses Nissan’s next-generation continuously variable transmission called, Xtronic CVT.


“Resonance is meant to be provocative, energetic and engaging – even polarizing,” said Francois Bancon, Nissan Motor Co. division general manager, Product Strategy and Planning.

“This design is not meant to appeal to traditional two-box SUV shoppers, but rather to those whose fashion and design choices make a statement. For Nissan, this concept makes our statement about the future of this segment.”

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