Nissan Sets New All-Time Record With 3,117 Leafs Sold In May

Nissan today reported that not only did it cross the 50,000 unit sales barrier in May, total sales last month comprised by far its best month ever, with 3,117 units sold.

Before this, the Leaf’s best month was 2,529 in December 2013. Nissan’s feat for May was the first month in which a pure battery electric vehicle crossed 3,000 sold, and a 45.8-percent increase over 2,138 delivered in May 2013.

“Leaf hit two major milestones in May with 50,000 total U.S. sales since launch and more than 3,100 total deliveries in a month,” said Toby Perry, Marketing Director and Overseas Program Director, Nissan Leaf. “Leaf is poised to take advantage of a market ripe for higher EV sales thanks to a great value proposition, an engaged base of owner-advocates, rapid increases in charging infrastructure in major markets across the country and new tax credits in Texas and other states.”

In contrast, the extended-range electric Volt, which once did also cross 3,000 units in a month with 3,351, sold only 1,684 in May.

Nissan has been reporting new markets opening up, and is hitting a stride with a No Charge To Charge promotion for new Leaf buyers.

In April, Nissan sold 2,088 Leafs, and months that are considered good have been in the low to mid 2,000 unit range.

Several months ago Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn said he could see the day coming that Nissan would be on track for 3,000 per month regularly.

May’s sales make that bullish forecast seem all the more plausible to come to pass sooner, if not later.

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