Nissan Leaf Sales Streak Breaks With 1,864 Sold In July

After a three-month streak of sales that saw each month from April through June a bit below an all-time best sales month in March this year, Nissan reported a decline in Leaf sales to 1,864 in July.

Nissan sold 2,236 units sold in March followed by 1,937 in April, 2,138 in May, and 2,225 in June.

From April through June the trend had been the Leaf would sell a few units higher than the previous month which meant Nissan had been seeing “second-place” finishes one after the other.

July’s decline however meant this would not be a fourth month for a second-place finish or new record as some had expected.

The positive news according to Nissan is things are still generally up for its electric car now being assembled in Tennessee.

“Nissan Leaf sales in July were 1,864 units, up 371.9 percent over last year,” said Brian Brockman, senior manager, Nissan Corporate Communications, “Year-to-date sales are 11,703, marking an increase of 230.3 percent over the same period in 2012.”

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