Nissan Deletes Tesla-Jabbing Tweet

Funny? Or not funny? That is the question of a tweet posted by a third-party social marketing firm hired by Nissan on behalf of the all-electric Leaf and at Tesla’s expense.

As you no doubt have seen, Tesla was unceremoniously booted from New Jersey after its motor vehicle commission unanimously decided to enforce laws already on the books rendering it ineligible for a dealer franchise license.

After April 1, Tesla’s two stores will lose their franchise licenses which New Jersey says were only granted by mistake. These stores will be reverted to “galleries” where pricing and purchasing will be verboten and no new licenses will be granted.

The tweet, which has subsequently been taken down, was explained away by Nissan as something the Japanese automaker never explicitly was asked about and thus did not directly approve.

“It’s okay #NewJersey, you can still #GoElectric with the #NissanLEAF #EV,” said the tweet as reported by autobloggreen.

Nissan’s Rob Robinson, senior specialist of social communications told ABG in benign terms, “We thought it was a discussion we didn’t need to be weighing in on,” he said, referring to the Tesla versus New Jersey tiff.

Others have said they do think it was funny and it even livened up Nissan’s Twitter account.

Our comment? No comment. But we thought if you’ve not seen this already, you might be interested.


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