Nissan Considering Electric Qasqai Crossover In Europe When Redesigned

Introduced as a funky new kind of car in 2007, Nissan’s Qashqai crossover may be a recipient for an all-electric powertrain when it is revised for generation two.

This was suggested by Nissan of Europe’s sales and marketing head Guillaume Cartier speaking to UK publication Autocar, and EV power would come via developments being refined on the Leaf passenger car, and e-NV200 light commercial truck.

What this means for the U.S. in the short term is uncertain, but Nissan’s sales chief also said the company’s EV lineup will definitely continue to grow, with new models designed from their inception for electric propulsion.

And if anyone questions whether there is a business case for EVs, Nissan says it aims to show the NV200 EV is proof of that.

“There are no more rational buyers than those who buy light commercial vehicles,” said Cartier.

Cartier admitted Leaf buyers choose for reasons that include emotional considerations, but he said he hopes commercial buyers – which weigh whether a vehicle helps or hurts their bottom line – will persuade other consumers even if feelings are now a significant part of the mix.

In addition to questions over EV’s costs, concerns over range anxiety should not be overly accentuated by Leaf buyers, Cartier said – and no doubt this reasoning would extend to future buyers of a Quashqui EV and other EVs Nissan intends to introduce.

Really though, no one needed to suggest Nissan is not quitting with EV innovating.

Just its Smyrna, Tenn. battery plant proves that with 20 times excess capacity, and designed only for Nissan vehicles.


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