Nissan celebrates 12th Straight Sales Record In February

Nissan reported last month’s Leaf sales as its “best February ever” with 1,425 units sold.

This places it at 118.2 percent higher than February 2013, and marks 12-straight months of record sales for the electric car.

Given the wintry weather that “hit Atlanta pretty hard,” Nissan says, that Georgian region slipped from its position as the company’s leading market to second place, and San Francisco is holding up the top spot as it has in the past.

Nissan noted the west coast retains other strong markets and the top five are rounded out by Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, Ore.

Nissan is also seeing growth in Honolulu, Dallas/Fort Worth and Denver which round out its top-10 best markets.

“With a full year of monthly sales records for Leaf, we continue to identify opportunities to further drive sales growth. We’re adjusting our mix to match popular models to the right markets,” said Toby Perry, Nissan’s director of EV Sales and Marketing. “We amped up advertising in the latter half of February, which already has resulted in an uptick in sales and a significant increase in shopping traffic. We expect to see that momentum continue in March.”

While momentum is good, and things are relatively healthy, Nissan’s best month of 2,529 units was achieved in December, 2013, which perhaps heartened its CEO Carlos Ghosn to say he could see the day coming when it would sell 3,000 monthly.

The Leaf is the top-selling all-electric car by total volume since launch, and being one of the few sold in all 50 states, is the leader in promoting mainstream-priced electric cars onto public roads.

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