Nissan Adopts 15 Chargers

Nissan North America is “adopting” 15 electric vehicle chargers in California.

The company has partnered with nonprofit organization Adopt a Charger to install and maintain three chargers in Los Angeles and 12 in San Francisco.

The three L.A. Aerovironment Level 2 chargers are located at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). In San Francisco, four Level 2 chargers and an additional eight 120-volt Level 1 outlets are located at the Music Concourse Garage in Golden Gate Park.

These locations have been chosen as they both are highly-visited family attractions, with large concentrations of electric vehicle owners. Both venues are also aligned with the sustainability goals and objectives shared by Nissan and Adopt a Charger.

The goal of Adopt a Charger is to accelerate the widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles through the proliferation of public, fee-free electric car chargers which are “adopted” by sponsors. These sponsors, corporations, organizations and individuals, donate funds used to install and maintain EV chargers in parks, museums, beaches and other widely used public places.

The nonprofit organization is presided by Paul Scott, a lifelong environmental advocate, who now works professionally for Santa Monica Nissan as an EV Specialist selling the new LEAF EV. He is also President of the Electric Vehicle Association of Southern California and a founding board member of Plug In America.

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  • Tony Tan

    Every street lamp has a 120 V socket, they just have to attach some credit card charging device for the automakers to use the facility and some adaptor to insert into EV / Plugin charging unit.

  • old grumpy

    This really a very simple thing to fix! Go to Wal-Mart and have them install charging stations at ALL their stores. Along with C.N.G. filling spots and battery exchange units. Let the Federal Goverment give them some assistance and let Wal-Mart make a small profit(regulated) on these units. This way we would have these charging stations at almost every town across the U.S.A. The people that own electric cars can plan on long trips and not fear running out of elec. I doubt that there isn’t a Wal-Mart in almost every small town across this country! Of course this means that the feds. would have more control since they have to regulate the price of this service?

  • Paul Scott

    Tony, you are correct about the lamp posts, but even better will be when municipalities replace the current parking meters with charge stations. That way, some of the money currently going to the oil companies can be diverted to our city budgets. The rest of the money stays with the consumer who can then spend it on local goods and services generating local jobs. It’s a classic win/win with the only losers in that scenarios being the oil companies.

  • Robert (electricman) Weekley

    All excellent plans suggested above! My thought are that the ISO standard for corporate environmental green footprints should also be written to include the footprint elemant of each of their employees drive to work with their vehicle of the moment! If they have this pressure, then more likely are all companies that seek ISO14001 Environmental Certification going to be motivated to install EV Chargers at work, as well as start offering employee benefits to go in addition to other existing rebates, just to make them cleaner and greener in their ratings! (Just my 2¢ worth!)