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    Israeli Wireless Tech Could Lead to In-Road Charging For Electric Cars

    An electric bus demonstration project in Israel may show the feasibility of adopting wireless charging technology in other countries and vehicle types, including cars consumers may one day buy. The Israeli government is working with ElectRoad, a local wireless charging technology company, to develop technology that can charge buses while in motion. The test demonstration […]

    Announcements & Events

    Nissan Taking Note e-Power Hybrid Overseas After Beating Prius In Japan

    Nissan is ready to broaden its vehicle electrification sales by taking the Note e-Power hybrid global after nudging past the Toyota Prius. The automaker launched the e-Power option to the Note subcompact hatchback in its home market last November – only to see it sell like hotcakes and beat the leading Prius in Japanese market […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    1,360HP / 4,671 LB-FT All-Electric NIO EP9 Smashes Nurburgring Road Car Lap Record

    Engineering a vehicle with the Nürburgring in mind doesn’t always produce the most enjoyable on-road driving experience, but it often results in one amazing performance machine. The NIO EP9 electric supercar was already the fastest EV ever to grace the track, which is a feat in itself since the Tesla Model S proved itself incapable […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Waymo has Fancy Wipers for its Self-Driving Car Sensors

    Google’s Waymo is heading to the real world to see how everyday people take to self-driving cars. The company is starting a free, experimental service this month that will carry people around the Phoenix, Arizona area in its self-driving test cars. But to get those cars ready, Waymo added new hardware and interior designs that […]

    Consultant Says EV Recharge Times Could Drive Plug-in Hybrid Sales

    Will overwhelmed infrastructure lead to doubled or tripled recharge times for EVs? And will that drive sales of plug-in hybrids, given their increased powertrain flexibility, including the ability to switch to internal-combustion engine power? One consultant says yes, that’s what will happen. SEE ALSO: VW Reveals Nationwide EV Charging Plans Nicholas Meilhan, a Paris-based consultant […]

    Audi Rolling Out Three New All-Electric E-tron Models By 2020

    This month during Audi’s annual general meeting in Germany, chairman Rupert Stadler said the company will launch three new battery electric models by 2020. Stadler said they’ll be battery-electric e-tron models. One of them, the Audi e-tron Quattro SUV, will be the first out next year. News of the all-electric SUV had already been released […]

    Qualcomm Tests Dynamic Charging System On Renault Kangoo

    Qualcomm has debuted an evolutionary version of its “Halo” wireless charging system capable of providing charge to an electric vehicle while it’s travelling at highway speeds. The new dynamic electric vehicle charging (DEVC) system is currently being tested using a Renault Kangoo on a 100-meter test track at the Vedecom Institute in Satory just outside of […]

    Nissan Leaf Generation Two To Be Revealed In September

    The long-anticipated redesign for the Nissan Leaf is to be revealed Sept. 6 in Tokyo. According to Pierril Pouret, senior vice president of Nissan in the Nordic Region speaking in Oslo, Norway Monday, Nissan’s mass-market EV will be an all-new design with some cues taken as expected from the IDS concept (pictured). “This will be […]

    Qualcomm and Mercedes Scaling Up Wireless Charging For 2018

    Qualcomm is preparing to bring more wireless electric charging to the U.S. next year tied to the launch of the refreshed Mercedes-Benz S550e plug-in hybrid sedan. Mercedes-Benz says S550e drivers can park over a charging pad and the process will begin automatically. Wireless charging means they can just “park it and charge it,” says the […]