New Volt Video Focuses On High-Tech Freedom and Design

At last we get to see the actual Chevy Volt after a series of teaser videos of a masked and camouflaged car.

The automaker has posted to its YouTube channel the 1:11-long advertising spot featuring the digital car in a digital world.

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Owners of the present Volt are reported as going 900 miles between fill-ups and this one promises more according to the blurb under the video:

Explore the all-new 2016 Volt in motion. Every detail has been carefully considered, from its brilliant design to the unrivaled technology throughout. which means whether you are navigating your route to work or your next adventure, day or night, electric or gas, you can expect an innovative drive that allows you to travel 1,000 miles between fill-ups, on average. Learn more about the stunning Next Gen Volt here: ‪


The new Volt features 50-miles EV range, and is expected under EPA testing to net 41 mpg combined under gas-only operation. Total range is estimated at 420 miles.

The choreographed video shows the aesthetic features of the new Volt’s design and styling as it travels anywhere and everywhere day and night to the sound of a progressive and energetic soundtrack that itself sounds like it is going somewhere exciting.

Chevrolet says the 2016 Volt incorporates design elements from “performance” Chevrolets and in any case, the music and all new car work in an overall positive message.

The automaker’s marketing has caught criticism in the past. Does this message and imagery work for you?

Price for the new car has not been established for the first plug-in car to get a thorough redesign.

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It’s due to go on sale during the second half of the year and undoubtedly this is just the beginning of marketing efforts to drum up new interest beyond the first early adopters – though they’re invited to buy it too, of course, and many will.

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