New Nissan Leaf Video Promises Enhanced Vision And Safety

Nissan revealed another teaser on the new Nissan Leaf’s tech features, this time promising enhanced vision.

A new video released today shows a sketch of the 2018 Nissan Leaf tapping into the automaker’s new Intelligent Mobility technologies. The all-electric car offers its drivers greater confidence with “enhanced vision and can better sense what is around the car.”

It may be tied into the Pro Pilot Assist semi-autonomous system announced earlier this summer. The new video shows the upcoming Leaf out on a highway driving safely among several other vehicles.

It promises to “excite your senses and give your real confidence on the road.”

Enhanced vision features offer one more reason the new Leaf will be “simply amazing,” Nissan says.

Along with yet-to-be revealed battery range, the new tech features are a big part of the Nissan’s marketing campaign for the refreshed Leaf.

The e-Pedal is another teaser that’s helped the Japanese automaker stir more interest in the product earlier this summer. You’ll be able to switch on the e-Pedal, allowing you to accelerate, decelerate, and stop all on one pedal.

Nissan claims e-Pedal is the world’s first one-pedal operation allowing the driver to come to a complete stop anywhere – including up on a hill – then stay in position and resume driving instantly.

The new video also throws in the environmental contributions of emitting zero tailpipe emissions. Plus, the all-electric drive train gives you a “quiet and refreshing experience while driving.”

The automaker clarified the launch date. While Sept. 6, 2017, is the official world premier date in Japan, it will be revealed one day earlier in the U.S.

That implies the U.S. has been the leading global market for Leaf sales.

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The company would like to reinforce the Leaf’s role in bringing electric vehicles to the mass market. It has been sluggish in sales lately compared to offerings from Tesla and Chevrolet, but it’s still No. 1 in cumulative sales.

Nissan reports that there have been more than 280,000 Leafs sold worldwide between December 2010 and July 2017.

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