New i8 Roadster Could Double the Range of i8 Coupe

BMW’s 2018 i8 Roadster due for reveal at the Los Angeles Auto Show in December could have twice the battery size of the present model.

A 14.2 kWh or so battery instead of the current i8’s 7.1 kWh could mean double the present car’s 14 mile all-electric EPA-rated range, or somewhere in the realm of 27-31 miles.

The news comes via BMW blog which cites a reader’s report from a BMW event as its source. Other sources told the blog site that more power is also in store. BMW has confirmed none of this officially, but power figures could be close to 400 horsepower if educated guesses floating out there are close.

Other upgrades featured in the i8 Roadster naturally include and updated body with revised side profile and front bumpers, a flatter hood scoop, revised chassis tuning, new driver assistance systems, updated iDrive infotainment, and a new color called the Electric Copper. Also, the i8 is now capable of opening its soft top in 14 seconds, which will even be possible while driving at speeds of up to 37 miles an hour.

This news follows recent VIP events hosted by BMW BeLux that brought in a select group of BMW fans for private viewings of the i8 roadster and all-new X2 SUV set to go on sale this Fall. According to the BMW Blog, the event also showcased five special edition models, dubbed the i8 Myth, of which only five exist with one already sold.

BMW Blog

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