New Easy-to-Install AeroVironment Home EV Charging Station

Yesterday AeroVironment, Inc. announced the expansion of its popular EVSE-RS home charging product line with the introduction of its new EVSE-RS Plug-In.

The EVSE-RS Plug-In is said to easily and securely plug into a dedicated 240-volt outlet, eliminating the need to hardwire the charging station into the home.

The station is SAE-J1772 compliant and recharges all battery electric vehicle (BEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV) incorporating the SAE standard.

In addition to easing the installation process, the EVSE-RS Plug-In charger slides in and out of a wall-mounted bracket; this easy mounting method allows EV drivers to take their charging station with them when they move and allows them to charge at other frequently visited residences, such as relatives’ homes or vacation homes equipped with a 240-volt outlet.

The station comes with an installation kit and mounting template and retails for $1,099.00. The system is available for purchase through or by contacting AeroVironment at 888-833-2148.

“The EVSE-RS Plug-In is easy to install, use and move,” said Wahid Nawabi, senior vice president and general manager of Efficient Energy Systems at AeroVironment. “All EV owners need is a dedicated 240 volt outlet, and they can easily install the wall mount and plug-in charger at their home. If they want to remove it, they simply unplug, slide it out of the bracket and take it with them to another location.”

Like the rest of the EVSE-RS line, the EVSE-RS Plug-In is designed to be easy to use, displaying a green light when the station is ready to charge and stopping automatically when the charge is complete. The charger includes additional features to ensure reliability and promote safety, including safeguards against live power, a breakaway safety cable and automatic ground fault monitoring.

More information on the EVSE-RS Plug-In can be found here.

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