New Bill Proposes $5,000 Fine For Diesels ‘Rolling Coal’

A proposed law against diesel drivers who are caught “rolling coal” would fine them up to $5,000 for this increasingly popular practice of tampering with emission controls.

While some in the world are trying to go zero or partial zero emissions, others are finding it a new pass time to modify their trucks to spew heavy black soot and smoke in this practice reminiscent of an old time freight train.

Sponsored by Rep. Will Guzzardi of Illinois, the bill would give further reinforcement to preexisting U.S. EPA law against tampering with a vehicle’s emissions controls.

The proposal to change the EPA’s law says, “no person shall retrofit any diesel-powered vehicle with any device, smoke stack, or other equipment that enhances the vehicle’s capacity to emit soot, smoke, or other particulate emissions, or shall purposely release significant quantities of soot, smoke, or other particulate emissions into the air and onto roadways and other vehicles while operating the vehicle.”

The really perverse part of this practice that gained popularity last summer is being highlighted by certain individuals who deliberately time their blast of sooty smoke at pedestrians, cyclists, and other passersby.

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