New Battery Recycling Center Opens In South Carolina

As hybrid and electric cars gain in popularity, so does the need to properly recycle old and newer types of batteries.

Johnson Controls, Inc. announced today the opening of its Florence, S.C. Recycling Center for automotive batteries.

The facility, located directly off of US-76, on Paper Mill Road, will recycle 132,000 metric tons per year, or the equivalent of more than 14 million automotive batteries.

It sits on a 685-acre site near other major corporate leaders such as Roche Carolina and Smurfit-Stone. Johnson Controls developed 36 acres of the site for construction of the facility and adjacent parking areas, with the remaining acreage undeveloped. Portions of the site will be permanently protected through a conservation easement.

The facility expands Johnson Controls’ presence in Florence with a capital investment of more than $150 million, representing 250 new jobs, and 1,000 indirect jobs in the area. Currently, 200 employees are working onsite as the facility ramps up production.

As part of the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship, Johnson Controls says it will minimize its environmental footprint within the state by protecting sensitive habitats, managing habitat for wildlife, participating in the S.C. Department of Natural Resources Stewardship Program, and storm water management.

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  • Albert Ball

    Batteries are getting more and more expensive as the demand rises. More and more batteries are also produced to cater to the demand but sometimes companies tend to forget its implication on the environment. They seem to be mum about other ways of reproducing batteries like recycling. This is good news because some places already start the idea of recycling batteries. It will not be long now before other places will follow.