‘Mysterious Spots in Priuses’ – Reported On A Slow News Day?

Hybrid sales may be down, the Prius may be awaiting the 2016 replacement, but Toyota’s top-selling hybrid adds to relative newsworthiness when something strange happens.

In this case, it’s mystery “spots” that are no mystery.

Following the news report by a Tampa Bay ABC affiliate, and amplified by fears expressed on TV by a 2013 Prius owner, Toyota is issuing a service bulletin to its dealers alerting them of a fogging condition in the car’s combination meter, an instrument data display.

Although Toyota says this is no safety or health threat, the affiliate featured a video of one Linette Dyal wearing a paper mask as she drove her Prius and expressing dread over “spores” that are spreading inside her Prius.

It was as though there was a humongous fungus among us.

Toyota had already replaced her Prius with a new one over her concern and when the fogging reappeared, it replaced the part.

That hasn’t convinced the Prius owner who is on the lookout for what she thinks is a biological infection of her Prius.

Toyota communicated with the ABC affiliate and said it knows of the issue and it is not a fungus or anything to fear.

“Toyota’s quality division is aware of this phenomenon,” a Toyota spokesperson said. “It is not caused by mold, but rather fogging of the lens over the combination meter, a condition related to temperature and humidity.”

Toyota says it can fix the issue under warranty and a dealer service bulletin to dealers will give details on replacement parts and repair method.

The news reporter is asking for more Prius owners with the same condition to contact her.

If you have a third-generation Prius has this happened to you?

ABC News

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