Model S Driven At 125 mph For 12 Minutes On Autobahn – Video

Tesla’s Model S is the highest rated range EV on the road, but in Germany Tesla owning enthusiast Bjørn Nyland cruised for 25 miles at 125 mph to demonstrate how much more energy it has potential to consume under heavier use.

“The autobahn stretch was 40 km [25 miles] which I covered in 12 minutes averaging 200 km/h or 125 mph. Consumption was 520 Wh/km (840 Wh/mi),” he said.

The 25-mile (40 km) trip ends at the German-Danish border where speed limits drop to 100 km/h (62 mph).

The Model S is a single-speed vehicle and does not benefit from a multi-speed transmission which lowers motor operating rpm at speed.

For U.S. drivers traveling slower this matters less, and with Superchargers enabling free fill ups, it may not be a worry for Nyland either.

Note the car’s state of charge meter before and after as it drops by more than 100 indicated kilometers during the high-speed highway drive.

Fast starts, heavy foot and drivng the car fast without preconditioning the battery in cold also contribute to inordinate consumption.


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