Mitsubishi Shows EV Lessons Learned With its CA-MiEV Concept

Mitsubishi has learned a lot of lessons from its i-MiEV, and the CA-MiEV the company says signals the direction its products will go toward appears to be a far more viable all-electric vehicle.

Promising battery range higher than anything now produced this side of a Tesla, the 186-mile range car is based on feedback from some of Mitsubishi’s somewhere around 30,000 global customers for its i-MiEV that’s been in production since 2009.

Providing said range via energy dense li-ion batteries, the car which looks like a reinterpretation of the Toyota Prius also promises electric 107-horsepower, and an un-reported, but likely sufficient quantity of torque.

While actual production plans have not been made, Mitsubishi says the CA-MiEV is “a declaration of intent, stressing the return to Engineering’s primacy within the corporation to better serve (global) customer demand.”


The vehicle has a slippery 0.26 coefficient of drag, and we shall have to wait and see whether it can really make good on the promised range. When the i-MiEV was launched, that car was touted as providing a 100 mile range on the Japanese cycle, and it was only EPA rated for 100 km (62 miles), so Mitsu has overstated the case before.

Less murky is that it relies on wireless magnetic resonance charging and a host of other tech features intended to integrate into the future modern landscape, including smart phone app to pre-heat the car, open doors, start the vehicle, and e-mail alerts to the owner if someone steals it or for other potential emergencies as well.


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