Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV Debuts In Chicago

The maker of the i-MiEV and Outlander plug-in hybrid has taken lessons learned blended with plenty of advanced technologies and combined them into the Concept GC-PHEV.

The full-sized plug-in hybrid show crossover made its North America debut today in Chicago and represents a thesis of ideas the Japanese automaker intends to bring in years to come.


The vehicle merges a 3.0-liter V6 with electric motor and 12-kwh battery for 335 horsepower channeled througha n 8-speed automatic trasnmission.

Designed to look tough, yet be paradoxically aerodynamic, Mitsubishi says the vehicle is totally off-road capable and of course on-road capable as well.


Fuel consumption is estimated at 35 mpg and electric range is estimated at 25 miles. Novelties include power export ability of up to 1,500 watts which the maker says is enough for two weeks of home backup in a power outage.

Another novelty is a “Tactical Table” that lets occupants connect with each other or the vehicle by placing their smartphones on it. The center attraction inside however is a large touch screen display.

While Mitsubishi was at it, it created an augmented reality windshield with info such as information on how close you are to the vehicle ahead. For those who already know they are following too closely, there’s also info like lane departure warning aqnd adaptive cruise control.

Mitsubishi says its commitment to plug-in technology is substantial. Its Outlander plug-in hybrid has sold around 50,000 global units since launch but has been repeatedly delayed in the U.S.

Eventually we’ll get that and other good stuff. The GC-PHEV is another teaser of what that could one day be.

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