Mercedes Unveils Edgy Electric Concept Cars

Mercedes-Benz will unveil three electric concept vehicles at next month’s 2009 Detroit Auto Show. The designs are small and sleek, with a sporty futuristic edge.

The BlueZero E-Cell is an all-electric plug-in model with a range of approximately 60 miles on a two-hour charge. Mercedes adds a turbo-charged three-cylinder engine to this design to create the E-Cell Plus plug-in hybrid with a range to 375 miles. The third model is the BlueZero F-Cell, which uses a hydrogen fuel cell to deliver 136 horsepower with zero emissions at the tailpipe.

All three will offer 0 – 60 performance under 11 seconds.

Mercedes-Benz BlueZero
Mercedes-Benz BlueZero

Mercedes-Benz BlueZero Concept animation.

The design of the BlueZero suite of cars gives a sneak preview of styling for the next-generation Mercedes B-Class due in model year 2012. More importantly, the MB unveiling reveals how important it is for all major global automakers to take steps—as tentative and conceptual as they may be—toward electric and plug-in hybrid technology.

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  • ACAGal

    Concept cars can be a million years from production. MB has been making gas guzzlers for too long to give these cars credibility unless they announce production schedules.

  • Shines

    Nice looking design.
    The eCell plus seems like the most viable of the 3.
    It would make good Volt competition.

    Mercedes – how expensive?!?

  • JBarnes59

    Absolutely, we do not need concepts we need action. Do not give us a few pictures posture it as news.

  • Sid

    Oooh! Concept cars! I’m wetting my pants with anticipation. So we’ll see these on the roads when? 2050? 3050?

    We’ll have flying cars first.

  • Jos Bruin

    Nice to see, but please hurry.
    Pictures are nice, but the world needs real action now: affordable hybrids and electric cars.
    So MB, stop wasting time and money in the development of expensive fuel consuming big cars, “sport”-cars and Formula-1.
    These are useless investments in historic projects.

  • Gerald Shields

    Yeah. Ship it or stop teasingrr us about it.

  • marc

    Great! What’s your plan to get past the Big Oil Lobbyist in order to get the electric car to market?

  • The Doc H

    When the A class came out – it was meant to be for a fuel cell motor to be on the streets in 2004.

    Now it’s a B class to be out in 2012

    We wont hold our breath on this one either.

  • Jeff

    Can you say “Toyota Matrix”. Come on, if your going to show off vaporware it might as well be something with a wilder design to generate interest.

  • Anonymous

    This year we will have the plug in prius and the miev and the tesla is already out! Keep dreaming Dr. Z (Merc boss) you’re at least 5 years behind the rest but hey lets keep playing with concepts. I actually own a merc convertible at the moment but unless they come out with a plug-in hybrid version or a all electric I won’t be upgrading. Looking at the hybrid suv 20+ mpg on non premium gas is pretty good. Would love a plug in with a range of 30+ miles. If mercedes do actually release plug-in cars it would be nice if they included LKAS from Honda (lane keep assist system)