Mercedes-Benz Unveils New Medium-Duty Clean Diesel Truck Engines

With commercial vehicles increasingly becoming targets for cleaner emissions and improved fuel mileage, manufacturers have been looking at ways to improve powertrain efficiency. Besides exploring EV, Hybrid and Natural Gas technology, in the short term, one of the most logical is developing cleaner, more frugal diesel engines.

In order to comply with the upcoming Euro VI emissions targets, Mercedes-Benz has released a new line of “BlueEfficiency Power” middle-weight diesel engines which supplement the OM 470 and OM 471 motors already employed in heavy, over-the-road trucks.

These new engines, the 5.1-liter OM 934 and 7.7-liter 936 (the last digit signifying four or six cylinders), sport variable valve timing (which according to Mercedes-Benz is the first time such a feature has been incorporated on a diesel) and are designed for use in Mercedes and other brand trucks employed in light/medium duty construction work (such as the Atego shown above), plus highway hauling as well as urban or rural bus applications.

Although aimed at the European market for now, don’t be surprised to see derivatives turn up in medium duty class 6 and class 7 Freightliner trucks on this side of the pond in the near future.

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