2009 Mercedes ML 450 Hybrid

The Mercedes ML450 is only available for lease—either 36 or 60 months at $659 or $549 per month, respectively. Mercedes cited “limited supply of batteries” as the reason.

Mercedes-Benz has long been known for its diesels. In fact, it introduced the 260D, the world’s first passenger car powered by a diesel engine, back in 1936. But proud of its reputation for advanced technology in general, it has been hedging its bets with hybrids as well.

Gasoline, Or Diesel, Or Hybrid?

At the New York Auto Show in April 2009, it unveiled its latest hybrid project, the 2010 Mercedes-Benz ML450 Hybrid. It’s the latest expansion in its ML sport utility line, and it makes the ML the first vehicle in the world to offer gasoline, diesel, and hybrid alternatives.

Compare the Mercedes ML450!

If you’re thinking about buying a Mercedes ML450, you might also consider a Lexus RX450h or a Mercedes ML 320 Bluetec. Compare these vehicles.

The three drivetrains return a range of mileage figures. The all-wheel-drive ML350 with a standard gasoline engines gets 15 mpg city / 20 mpg highway, with larger V8 versions doing far worse. As for the green alternatives, the clean diesel ML320 BlueTec delivers 18 mpg city / 24 mpg highway, and now the ML450 Hybrid model tops the list, with 20 mpg city / 24 mpg highway.

The new ML model, built in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is fitted with the Two-Mode Hybrid system jointly developed by General Motors, Daimler, Chrysler, and BMW.

Bigger, Better Battery—And Cooler Too

The Mercedes-Benz version of the Two-Mode system combines a 275-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine and two electric motors. Together, the complete powertrain delivers 335 horsepower and 381 foot-pounds of torque. But Mercedes-Benz has fitted its own, larger nickel-metal-hydride battery pack, which at 2.4 kilowatt-hours is almost half again as large as the packs used in GM’s various Two-Mode hybrids. And Benz uses liquid cooling to keep its pack healthy and the cells operating at best efficiency, complete with a “super chiller” to blast the pack with coolant when the electrical system is under stress—towing a trailer uphill in desert heat, for example.

None of those components comes cheap, though Mercedes-Benz may have more leeway to charge higher prices than more mass-market big SUVs like the Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon twins.

Like other hybrids, the Two-Mode can move the car at low speeds purely on electric power for short distances. But unlike “single-mode” full hybrids, including the archetypal Toyota Prius, the pair of electrical motors and several gear-sets also provide electrical assist to the gasoline engine at highway speeds—hence the name “Two-Mode.”

Externally, the only difference between the new Hybrid and other MLs is the grille and a slightly domed hood—to clear the power electronics, mounted up front on top of the engine. In an odd transposition, the company’s AMG tuning unit liked the looks of the humped hood so much that it is using that part on its high-performance versions of the ML as well.

During a test drive in Manhattan traffic and up the West Side Highway along the Hudson River, the ML450 Hybrid clearly distinguished itself from the GM Two-Mode sport utilities—even the posh Escalade version. Drivetrain noise is all but imperceptible, and the sound damping (known as NVH by auto engineers, for Noise-Vibration-Harshness) is exemplary.

In fact, most drivers might only figure out that this ML was a hybrid by the engine tone, which like most hybrids doesn’t rise in parallel with road speed. Instead, this hybrid and others sound like cars with continuously variable transmissions—which their hybrid systems simulate by shifting power among the modes and running the engine at its most efficient speeds, taking up the slack with the electric motors.

Simulating An Eight-Speed Automatic

Nonetheless, Benz is concerned that some ML owners might find it unpleasant to experience that disconnect between engine speed and road speed. So, the company developed a “Shift” mode that controls the engine to simulate the behavior of an eight-speed automatic transmission. According to hybrid control systems engineer Konstantin Neiss, using Shift mode imposes about a 3-percent penalty on fuel economy.

Unlike Japanese makers like Toyota and Honda, Mercedes-Benz is using hybrid technology to improve the mileage of its largest, heaviest vehicles—recognizing that upcoming gas-mileage regulations will hit its lineup disproportionately hard. With the diesel and hybrid ML variants competing head to head, industry analysts will eagerly be watching to see how much wealthy Mercedes-Benz buyers value various levels of mileage, whether hybrids prove more appealing than oil burners and, most importantly, at what price points. It should be a fascinating model year for Mercedes.


  • Efficient on highway as well as city
  • Big mpg boost compared to conventional version
  • Most efficient drivetrain for the model
  • Only available as a lease
  • Emphasizes power over efficiency
  • Pricey

Price quote for Mercedes ML 450

2009 Mercedes ML 450 Hybrid
Base MSRP: $55,000
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  • Aghast

    I cannot believe how spoiled drivers must be for Mercedes to create “fake shifting.” This is even dumber than the notion of hybrids having fake engine noise in EV mode…

  • RKRB

    -If General Motors came up with a revolutionary new “green” car that got 24 mpg EPA max, people would be (rightly) condemning them. Mercedes does it, and our press gives them rave reviews. What a scam.

  • sean t

    Why incur a 3% loss of MPG? A dumb car for dumb drivers.

  • Crut100

    You are so right RKRB. 24MPG is a joke. A standard Lexus 350 get around that. I was really hoping that this vehicle would be in the 32+ range. It’s now off my list and I also agree that the media should be slamming them for this completely LAME vehicle!

  • Pickey McPickey

    I agree…what’s the point of all of the additional gadgets, weight, cooling systems if it deprives the car of its efficiency? Dumb!

  • 9691

    The last time Mercedes was good and reliable was in the 80s and up to the mid 90s. Currently even consumer report is slamming them.

  • nhohn

    I own a 2007 ML 350 and I get 19 city and 22 hwy. This is my 2nd Benz that gets above posted sticker gas mileage. I average 70 on the highway which may help. I’m hopeful that the hybrid also does better than sticker. All the ford and GM cars I have had do worse than what the sticker promised. I love my Benz and have had no mechanical problems with either of my vehicles from MB. For those that wonder why the lexus gets better numbers check the curb weight. The MB is a much heavier sturdier roomier vehicle.

  • Dom

    24 isn’t a joke when compared to the regular gasoline versions (20 at best). I find it very interesting that the hybrid and diesel models get the exact same highway mileage numbers.

    Doesn’t the new Insight also have a simulated shifting mode for its CVT?? It isn’t just Mercedes doing this… besides, you don’t have to use the mode anyway.

  • RKRB

    nhohn: Glad your mileage is better than sticker (although 22 highway is not very good). Wonder if these generalizations should then be applied to all ML350’s, or if that’s just an n=1 sample. Any ideas how MB can sell these and avoid the “gas hog” image that plagues GM? Maybe all that “engineering” justifies the inefficiency??

    Do you have quantification for the “sturdier” and “roomier” descriptors? Or is it just bulkier?

    This is an inexcusably overweight, dangerous vehicle. If we all felt we “needed” to drive one, we would be spending even more of our capital on gas and oil. Maybe that’s the key to stimulating the economy, eh? Like Napoleon said, “I can do anything I want to, and some philosopher will justify it for me.”

  • CD

    You did not look at the horse power of this car vs the other hybrids. If you make a go cart like Toyota of course it will get good gas milage. Try to make a 325 HP SUV that gets 24MPG that is safe. That is great engineering.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t wait for the 2010 mercedes benz to come out, it’s just whan I want.

  • WK

    Not safe??? Dangerous even??? WOW. I would be in ANY Benz versus anything built by Lexus. I see wrecked vehicles all day, every day. Lexus RX’s (Toyota Highlander in a dress) crumple like tin cans. The metal on any body panel of an RX is significantly thinner than anything Benz puts out. Not to mention Benz ups the ante with double redundant hood latches with spring tensioners, double firewall cowling with a full peripheral seal for the engine compartment to counter intrusion into the passenger compartment, a hardened steel front subframe, FAR more extensive use of ultra high-strength-low-alloy steel throughout, a thick energy absorbing foam under the feet of every passenger to minimize leg injury, 2 extra airbags, and an electronic stability program (utilizing the vehicles braking system, transmission, and traction control system) that is UNRIVALED by anyone. Even the interior trim on the A, B, and C pillars is designed to absorb and dissapate energy in case of an accident. Mercedes also does their developmental crash testing at a higher KPH/MPH than any other manufacturer (52 mph for rollovers, for example). Do some research before you make claims that you obviously know nothing about.

  • J

    Honestly all the haters should stick to their honda’s or toyota’s or ford’s…you probably hate this vehicle because you CAN’T afford it. I myself drive a Cayenne but my mom has had her MB ML320 since 2003 and its been great. I think MB is one of the best companies period

  • ML Engineer

    I have been working on the ML 450 for 2 years now and driving one for the last year. For testing purposes we often run these things as hard as we can for hours at a time. Full throttle at every stop, 120+ on the highway and I still get ~ 24 mpg every time. After driving a ML 550 for a while I can feel the battery weight in the boot, but it doesn’t make the car seem overly heavy. Yes, a Escape hybrid gets much better mpg, but it still drives like a Ford. This is a pure Mercedes.

  • car guy

    i drove one these, not that great!

  • Harrison

    There will only be 1,700 of these cars for the next two years. I drove one it was interesting but to appease the Libs MB invested a lot of money but, like all hybrids, it’s a stupid idea. Nobody considers how horribly damaging to the environment the production of these batteries is… nothing grows within miles of the mines and the water is polluted but it’s in China so who cares?

  • E Car Consumer

    Not all hybrids need to be more energy efficient that a Prius. The purpose of efficiency is that we need all cars to improve within their class. Not everyone can, or will, drive a Prius. I congratulate MB for producing a car that improves mileage by 20+ percent while providing a better driving experience over a similar ML. If we continue to improve the existing vehicle stock each year by 10-20% then we can remove oure dependency on foreign sources of oil by 2022… So get rid of you clunker and go buy one!

  • Lillie

    I think this car is really cool. I really like Mercedes Benz cars and enjoy using mine. Also I am writing an article on this awesome car and this website was really helpful. I think that if every car company thought of this they wouldn’t have any crummy economy.

  • David Morgan

    Who in their right mind would even think of comparing a Lexus RX 450H to the new Mercedes ml450 hybrid.

    After four years of driving my RX400H (2006) which averaged 10.2 Litres/100 klms in both severe winter driving as well as summer, without any service other than scheduled, why would I even think of Benz.

    My wife drives a 2009 CL550 4matic which has spent more time in service, than on the road. Not knit picking issues, serious safety issues and mechanical.

    This is my tenth Lexus since 2000 and cannot remember ever needing to have it repaired for faulty workmanship or failures.

    My 2010 Rx450H is now 2 months old and averaging 9.2 litres per 100 KLMS. (31mpg) with 295 HP. Average speed of 68 mph. No service incidents, just friendly calls from Lexus if I am satisfied.

    FYI, my wife has owned 8 mercedes models from ML, CLK, to CL. Again, serious issues with each.

    Oh Well, I guess the badge is more important than the reality.

    This is MBs first attempt at Hybrid in an SUV. When they have the resume that Lexus and Toyota have with Hybrid, lets then take another look.

  • Llewellyn

    Read you comment with great interest, since only my wife and kids drive long distance with 2009 . I bought it as a safe car and so far we have had 3 near-on collisions, somehow, braking and steering prevented an accident every time. Maybe MB know. I certainly hope so, since I trust my only family’s life to a car.

  • leon edward

    I’m getting the Mercedes ML series as I know the value of a cars safety in extreme accidents , head on, out of control at high speed, even collissions with semis. I thank God for my own and my familys safety. Safety is number one with me. mpg is nice,.the power has gotten me out of a number of situations where just a little extra acceleration saved me. oh yeah mpg is nice too. Hi MPG wont help in an accident.
    To Your Health!

  • jay scher

    I have owned the ML 450 Hybrid for 3 days, I bought it new, and so far I am completely dismayed that they even let this thing off the assembly line. So far for the first 5-10 minutes of driving there are major electronic failures and then magically all the systems start working once it warms up. The systems that don’t work are the, auto lights, the back up camera, the reverse lights, the turn signals, the airbags failure light is on, the check engine light is on, and the hybrid system seems to not work. I just traded in the prius to get this and although I was very happy with the mileage, the car was not very nice. I can’t get this ML hybrid to get anything better than 22mpg on the hwy and it gets 10-12 in the city. I called the dealer and told them I want to turn it in because it must be a lemon. I feel completely ripped off considering this car costs 15k more than the normal gas version and gets the same mileage. It drives great and is definitely a luxury vehicle but with turn signals its totally useless and dangerous.

  • P Razvoza

    You mean like the Tahoe/Yukon, or the Chevy GMC Truck Hybrids? MB has been building higher MPG vehicles for a lot longer than GM even considered the idea of fuel mileage as a selling point. Get your head out of the clouds and stop pointing your finger at a manufacturer that has done the right thig the right way since its inception.

  • tony dee

    I leased the ml 450 hybrid . I have had it for a week and is an outstanding vehicle. Drives smooth very quite, very well appointed. I have had no electical issues. As for gas mileage drove 230 miles in 5 days and still not at a half tank..i still have 284 miles left to empty,,i was going to lease the cadillac
    srx which is a sharpe vehicle list price 44,000 drove very nice but ml 450 h 63000 srx lease 649 month …got the ml 450h for 625 month,,,ml 450h 20000 more plus its a mercedes not a gm
    glad i got the ml

  • Codifex Maximus

    Why do they not use DIESEL CDI for the engine of the hybrid?? Why use GAS other than to have more gas stations OR to keep the hybrid from trashing their other lines with fuel efficiency?


  • jay scher

    So the dealer fixed the electrical problem, turned out to be a loose wire somewhere. At the end of the dat the car is definitely a MB and if you like that then you like that. the car gets no where near its rated mileage no matter who drives it. Is it worth the premium over the gas version, no not if you are making that decision based on MPG. If you want the cache of driving a hybrid and that makes you feel good and you love MB then this is the car for you. So for me at the end of the day I like how the car drives and its probably very safe but I also feel that its a waste of money to get the hybrid since it does little to nothing to improve gas mileage.

  • kgee

    1 week into the ML 450H lease and it is outstanding. The majority of my driving is on cramped traffic ridden Brooklyn streets under 30mph and it is a wonder on gas. Compared to my FX35 before this I would have used a tank of gas here I am still at 3/4 full. Love the MB, look, feel and ride!

    Beautiful and worth the money $519/mo 60 months

  • Neemz

    Mercedes-Benz charges a premium for their vehicles; they are able to do so because they provide superior styling, impeccable luxury, and most importantly, convenience. Many people find CVT-like transmissions to be whiny and obnoxious, especially when flooring the throttle. The idea of a transmission that shifts like a normal car when the driver is feeling sporty is an ingenious idea, for it simply uses technology to slightly tweak the behavior of the extremely complicated, yet well thought out transmission, in order to satisfy every customer that would consider owning a 335HP ML450h.

    The Ml450 sure sold me, I prefer the hybrid drive to the diesel, and most of my driving takes place in the city, therefore I achieve better gas mileage, a smoother, quieter ride, and when I’m stuck in stop and go traffic, I am burning zero fuel while keeping the A/C and all other electronics running. On the same note, I still have the convenience of an SUV with 4-wheel drive, that maintains mercedes’ luxury, and achieves excellent gas milage numbers. The part that tops it off is that my mercedes, unlike other hybrids in the industry, isn’t going to try to kill me by driving itself into intersections.

    I plan on picking mine up within the next couple of weeks. I cannot wait.

  • Ted

    Hi I saw your post about the ML450 i live in NYC. Where did you get this car for 519, for 60 months and did you put money down?

  • Ted

    I am considering leasing an ML450. Does anyone know anything about the EMF rating on this car?

  • dinh

    Hi I am a MB master technician and I been working with a few ML 450 hybrid I think it”s a best hybrid out there that compare with Lexus GM and Ford better gas mileage and safe car in the world.

  • dinh


  • car gal

    Leased the 2010 ML450 a little over a month ago and have 1000 miles on it. Never have owned a German car before…kind of always been a Ford gal. Loved my 2 Expeditions but it was time to have a smaller SUV…couldn’t give up the usefullness/practicality of an SUV…for groceries, kids’ stuff and soccer equipment.
    I have to say, I am truly enjoying this MB…never really thought I’d get a hybrid, due to loss of horsepower mainly…but this Mercedes is quick, smooth and really fun to drive. I’m averaging exactly 21-22 in the city and 24-25 mpg on the highway…for an SUV that is so safe AND sturdy, I think this is great…my 07 expedition averaged 10 mpg in the city…Don’t look at just mpg when comparing the Lexus and Mercedes, instead drive them and feel the power and solidness of the two vehicles…I think you’ll find the ML450 much more appealing. My only criticism would be that Leather seating should be standard on this car (esp. with 64K pricetag) as MBtex is not the greatest. Love, Love that it is AWD too.

  • Anonymous

    RKRB are you just upset you cant afford one?

  • ML

    Had the ML450 hybrid for a month now. I have a repeating problem where the loose gas cap warning appears, then the low fuel light flashes (even on full tank), then the Check Engine light comes on and stays on. I’m on my 3rd trip to the dealer, and they still can’t get it fixed. I love the car, but this is more than a little concerning.

  • MLConnecticut

    I leased an ML450 6 weeks ago. It now has 2300 miles on it and has been wonderful. There was an issue with the glue on the sunroof visor emitting an “onion” odor when it got hot. Mercedes is working on a fix for this, and of course drove an hour to pick my car up and leave a loaner for me while it was being addressed. Not an inconvenience at all.

    For those who are badmouthing the vehicle, Perhaps you’ve never driven or owned a European luxury vehicle. I see many people like you being keyboard heroes and reciting what you take as gospel from the Internet. Sure, European vehicles may have more mechanical failiures than a Japanese vehicle, but they are also at the very forefront of automotive technology and safety. Consider this, if you’d like to see what equipment will be on your Honda/Toyota/Chevy/Ford in ten years, go out and look at today’s Mercedes Benz. And remember who invented the automobile!

    My mileage has been very good, and I commend MB on achieving 24+ highway economy with a vehicle that makes 335hp, 381tq, and weighs in at almost 5300 lbs.

    Having owned two acuras, a number of Saabs, a Honda and a VW, I’m glad I made the leap to true luxury and since I’ve accomplished myself to the point where I can drive these vehicles, I won’t be looking back. Remember, Mercedes came out with the hybrid to give drivers V8 performance with a bit better fuel economy. As a consumer spending $61k on this vehicle, mileage isn’t the first of my “important features.” Safety, performance, utility, and comfort are. The mileage is just a great benefit that comes with this package.

    Good luck to the naysayers with your “Consumer Reports Approved” “I drive one too” Japanese cars, but anyone who has one of these vehicles surely feels the same as me.

  • InterestedJoe

    Would anyone know if/when the two mode technology will reach the GL series? That would be vehicle which could benefit from this tech -especially for city mileage.

  • The Bronzed One

    I currently drive the RX 400h by Lexus and I like the truck. However, I am considering returning to the ML series and prefer to lease the hybrid SUV. After reading these comments, I am not sure whaich way to go now. I stopped by my dealership a few days ago and the salesperson did not win me over with his viewpoint of the ML hybrid SUV. Notwithstanding, he tells me there are none in the country at this time but wanted me to test the diesel verson of which I am not interested.


  • tester

    the two mode will never go into the GL series. there will be a total different system

  • Amelia Pederson

    I leased the ML450 in May and LOVE it. I drive both highways and stop start traffic everyday. The car is so comfortable, I get great gas mileage-My average over the life of the car is 23 mpg. I typically get 27-30 MPG on the way home from work. I too have owned several Acuras as well as a VW that I turned in because it was too small and had terrible transmission problems. It feels like I am driving on air and handles like a car half its size. I would reccommend this car to anyone. This is my first MB and the fifth one in my household. We obviously love the brand but that is not why I love the car. I feel safe, it looks great and it rides like a dream.

  • Mark Stephens

    Have 3600 miles on my ML and I am very pleased. It delivers at or above the rated mileage on every tank. If Toyota built a 5300 lb , 335 horse power full time all wheel drive SUV I doubt it would do any better. I drove a 2010 CRV cross country this summer and it got the same mileage as my ML. All in all a very good car.

  • SPOK

    My ML450 is approaching 8,000 miles and I am extremely pleased with its performance. It handles very well and is very quiet. It has averaged 24.5 mpg combined city/highway and seems to be averaging better as the miles rack up. The past few highway trips have averaged right around 27 mpg. I have had zero issues with the vehicle. It accelerates very well and has an incredibly short stopping distance from highway speed for such a heavy vehicle. I spend about a thousand miles a week in my vehicle and this one is extremely comfortable.

  • Rosamondmoon

    My ’95 MB gets 23/32 mpg … Its nimble and quick , and super comfy.
    Hubbys MB is an ’84 diesel w over 500,000 mi.. He drives it 450 mi per
    week still…. They last forever , run well & my MB is cheaper to fix than
    our ’07 pt cruiser.. Were looking at a ’10 E class station wagon now for
    a “road trip” car. Mercedes have proven to be well worth the cost. Our 11 yr old grandson wants the diesel when he turns 16…. Pretty sure it will still be running. Hybrid sounds good … But I’d still never buy it new.

  • ChrisChris

    SPOK, how do you feel about the ml 450 hybird after owning it for a few more months? driven it in snow yet?

    also, if you put on a thousand miles a week, why not the diesel? i own a 2006 ml and am considering a new one. cant decide on diesel or hybrid. i also put on a lot of (highway) miles so was leaning towards a diesel. but it seems that by owning a hybrid, i still get great highway mileage plus an upside – also higher local mpg.

    would appreciate your thoughts.

  • TR

    Really you posted that, your tenth Lexus since 2000…Who is really wearing a badge, a badge for a new car every year!!! Or was it so bad that you had to trade them in becuase they needd help? If your wife’s CL550 has had so many SERIOUS, as you say, safety issues, Mercedes would have traded it. Anytime Mercedes’ have the same issue more than three times they replace it. When looking at Toyota and Lexus’ resumes you will see they have spent far more money repairing their faulty vehicles and paying damages to families who have been killed in their vehicles. If the US and the stupid regulations we have would let Mercedes and other European vehicles into this country we could buy the more gas friendly A and B class Mercedes. It may be their first attempt, but that is only because it takes time and knowledge to create excellence, only a fool rushes in… enjoy throwing your money away on ten more Lexus’…we have had over four Mercedes for over 20 years and not problem, maybe you should evaluate your driving.

  • Chamika

    Need more fuel efficiency,,,,,.

  • carl

    They’ve got a fantastic diesel engine (I own one in a 07 GL) which gets amazingly high mileage (26 mpg). I don’t understand why not couple this with the existing hybrid system. It’d have to be 30+ mpg at that point. Yes/No? Yes, the car has has minor issues in 70,000 miles. (one sensor, and it’s rusting after a repair that was made poorly, AFTER buying it as a CPO car) but the mechanical issue is expected at that mileage. The paint wasn’t an MB product apparently, and disgusts me. I’m in love with the car 4 years later, but MB CPO failed to take care of the issues, 2 months after ownership…I’d do it again though. Honestly..

  • Ron B.

    I have a 2010 ML450. I find that it’s apx.20 Mpg around Anchorage to be a plus, but this last week end I went fishing at Skilak Lake a total trip of 274 miles including 3 boat ferrying trips totaling 42 of those miles. My average gas milage was 27.3. The weight of the boat, motor and trailer is near 1000 lbs. 22 of the miles were driven on gravel & sand roadway.

  • Criss

    I have actually gotten much better then stated. between 25-30 mpg in city driving.

  • Mark Stephens

    1 year into my lease, 50,000 miles average mileage 24.5 miles a gallon not a single problem. Still on original tires. Good power,good mileage, good safety, good comfort=great car!

  • rk

    I had this same issue w/ mine when i first got it. the dealer finally figured out what to reprogram and never happened again. faulty sensors.

  • Blonda

    Mercedes ML 450 Hybrid looks great! It doesn’t look like an usually hybrid car. It’s very elegant! Maybe in the future they will make it “more” available on the market!
    Lenjerie Intima Sexy

  • Johnxx

    Like many luxury class hybrids, Mercedes Benz ML 450 is certainly worth a look.

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  • TonyChannel

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  • Benjamin CT

    Hello Amelia,

    Are you still driving the ML? Has it perfomed well?