Mazda to Show Mid-Size TAKERI Diesel Next Week

Mazda North American Operations announced today it will show its mid-sized diesel TAKERI concept at the New York Auto Show on April 4.

The company says it will be the first Mazda concept to make use of a 2.2-liter SKYACTIV clean diesel, and will include other fuel-saving technologies.

Among these are a couple that are not to be confused with anything made by Apple – one is Mazda’s “i-stop” idling stop system, and another is “the world’s first” capacitor-based regenerative braking system called “i-ELOOP.”

Mazda says the stop-start system restarts the engine in a single cycle – faster than other stop-start systems that take two cycles, and resulting in “the world’s fastest” diesel restart of 0.4 seconds.

The regenerative braking system called i-ELOOP is said to improve fuel economy by as much as 10 percent by supplying power to the vehicle’s electric equipment. The way it works is similar to other such systems, albeit relying on a capacitor to store energy generated upon deceleration.

As for styling, Mazda’s “KODO” design language is made up in part by a swooping hood and crisp lines along with an “eagle-eyed” five-point grille, overall muscular styling and 20-inch wheels.

The car looks sharp, is said to be efficient, but at this point Mazda is not stating fuel mileage, production plans or price. We expect more information after next week’s unveiling.

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  • dsl987

    I like it! Let’s see if it actually comes to the US unlike many other diesels.

  • Finlandier Jones

    Why would anyone want a diesel when diesel fuel prices are at least 10 cents higher than premium gas? It would have to get 60 MPG to make it worth while from a cost standpoint…and no matter what anyone says…hybrid owners are’t all about the environment…there’s a huge or at least the perceived cost savings factor that is the driver.

  • dsl987

    Because paying 5% extra for fuel in order to get 30% more mpg makes sense.

  • Shane

    Last I filled up, yesterday, premium is more expensive than diesel. It’s been like that for weeks.

  • Jason the Saj

    Let’s see….

    40 mpg for $4 = 1 mile/10 cents
    45 mpg for $4.50 = 1 mile/10 cents

    So, as long as diesel isn’t more than 50 cents higher than gasoline, you’re better off.

    Now, let’s say it does get 60mpg, even at $4.50 a gallon we’re talking 7.5 cents a mile.

    But with a LOT more umph and performance associated with diesels compared to small gasoline engines.