Mazda Mulling Diesel Engine For 2014 Mazda3

According to a source with knowledge of Mazda’s intentions for its late 2013 launch of the redesigned 2014 Mazda3, plans may include a diesel option.

Mazda’s Skyactiv diesel technology engine is already slated for launch in the redesigned Mazda6, and the company is reportedly weighing whether to introduce a Skyactiv diesel version at the beginning of the Mazda3’s launch or at a mid-cycle refreshening stage.

The existing 2012 Mazda3 was just named by Kelly Blue Book as one of the “10 best back to school cars,” is also listed by as one of the “10 Best Sedans Under $25,000” and one of the “10 Coolest Cars Under $18,000 of 2012,” and the 2013 version is due to make improvements.

Whether a diesel comes or not, the fuel efficient models will lose the “smiling grille” appearance up front and will adapt the company’s “kodo” design language. It will ride on a new platform offering lightweight chassis and frame architecture – also part of the Skyactiv umbrella of technologies.

Standard engines will be a 2.0-liter or optional 2.5-liter gasoline engine. In addition to deliberating whether to add the diesel, the company is also weighing whether to employ its i-Eloop regenerative braking technology in the Mazda3.

The Mazda3 updates are part of Mazda’s efforts to redesign its top three best-selling cars by the end of next year in the U.S; these include also the Mazda6 and CX-5 compact crossover.

The 2012 Mazda3 starts at $15,995 including destination charge and is available with four powertrains on either four- or five-door styles.

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  • ChadM

    I would purchase a skyactiv mazda 3 diesel immediately. In fact we would probably buy two…

  • crewdog259

    I am very interested in a diesel car. If they beat GM to market I will be shopping at the Mazda dealer. I may be anyway since I would prefer a vehicle bigger than the Cruze. The Mazda 6 would be a perfect fit, but a Mazda 3 hatchback would be a handy little ride to.

  • ChadV

    We need more diesels!

  • MDO

    I love diesels. But after a miserable reliability experience with a VW diesel, I hope Mazda brings the higher power version on the diesel to the US. I am tempted by the Passat but know I will be sorry as soon as the warrantee is gone.

  • eddie mac

    love diesels, been waiting to see who brings out the 1st compact suv. Will beat a path to their door.A Mazda CX5 diesel would be perfect. Bring that car to the USA before Subaru or Toyota

  • peter saxe

    Gotta have the high power, high mileage diesel in the 2014 Mazda 6. It’s a win-win!