May 2011 Dashboard: Supply Pinch Sends Hybrid Sales into Freefall

The monthly sales dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market.

The number of hybrid gas-electric cars sold in the U.S. declined from 34,000 in March to 25,000 in April, and to 16,000 in May. The drop by half in just two months is attributed to supply shortages for vehicles and related components due to the March earthquake in Japan. The lack of inventory, combined with rising demand due to high gas prices, lifted prices (when incentives evaporated). This caused some folks considering a hybrid to choose a less expensive model or postpone a purchase.

2011 Toyota Prius

Prius was in short supply in May. Sales of the most popular hybrid fell by 51 percent.

At the same time, general consumer confidence was shaken throughout the spring due to high gas prices. The overall auto market is down 4 percent compared to a year ago. Hybrids were hit even harder, taking a precipitous fall of 42.1 percent compared to 2010. As usual, the Toyota Prius dominates the market, with its 51 percent drop compared to a year ago pulling down the total hybrid market numbers.

There were similar, and even worse numbers, reported throughout the entire hybrid field—most notably a 78 percent fall in sales of the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and an 84 percent drop in sales of the Lexus HS 250h.

The supply disruption produced what will likely go down as one of the worst months for hybrid sales in recent years. The take-rate for hybrids fell to 1.5 percent.

Incentives in the overall market were down between $500 and $800 in May, and perhaps even more so for hybrids, since they are in such short supply.

On the plug-in front, sales of the Chevy Volt were modest this month—allowing the Nissan LEAF to catch up in total sales to date in the category. Some observers attribute low Volt sales to G.M.’s decision to hold off on customer sales to allow dealers to have demos for prospective customers, or simply to draw in traffic to the showroom where buyers might choose other vehicles.

Diesels escaped the supply disruption. As a result, sales of clean diesel vehicles continued to impress—up 34 percent compared to a year ago—with the Jetta TDI carrying the load in terms of volume.

We will keep a careful watch on hybrid sales when supply returns to normal. This will determine if demand has been affected by the easing of gas prices in the past few weeks.

May 2011 Hybrid Car Sales Numbers

Hybrids sold in the US (May 2011): 16,319
Hybrid Take-Rate: 1.54%

US hybrid sales for May 2011

Model Units vs. last month vs. May 2010 CYTD vs. CYTD 2010
Toyota Prius 6,924 -44.5% -51.4% 62,180 13.0%
Honda CR-Z 1,557 -14.4% n/a 7,046 n/a
Honda Insight 1,435 -45.7% -25.0% 10,137 15.6%
Ford Fusion 1,256 -2.3% -49.5% 6,355 -20.5%
Ford Escape 1,118 4.5% -14.1% 4,698 -3.4%
Lexus RX450h 610 -47.7% -55.1% 5,126 -10.7%
Toyota Camry 592 -46.7% -59.3% 4,922 -23.6%
Linc. MKZ Hybrid 561 11.5% n/a 2,444 n/a
Altima 499 49.4% 2,109 -40.9%
Lexus CT 200h 454 -48.1% n/a 3,528 n/a
Honda Civic 268 121.5% -62.6% 2,015 -19.9%
Lexus HS 250h 220 -21.1% -83.8% 1,198 -79.7%
Toy. Highlander 149 -60.8% -78.2% 2,722 -4.0%
Porsche Cayenne 114 6.5% n/a 688 n/a
Cad. Escalade 89 -23.9% -32.1% 518 -8.5%
Chevy Silverado 89 -13.6% -70.2% 525 -17.3%
GMC Yukon 77 -19.8% -60.1% 366 -40.4%
Chevy Tahoe 63 0.0% -73.9% 307 -58.8%
Mercedes S400 49 53.1% -51.5% 156 -66.2%
VW Touareg Hybrid 40 -23.1% n/a 261 n/a
BMW Hybrid 7 38 18.8% 442.9% 175 n/a
Infiniti M35h 36 -14.3 n/a 78 n/a
Mazda Tribute 35 -5.4% -42.6% 179 -31.9%
GMC Sierra 22 37.5% -42.1% 105 -57.3%
Lexus GS450h 18 -37.9% -52.6% 123 -21.7%
BMW X6 3 50.0% -75.0% 24 -75.3%
Chevy Malibu Hybrid 2 n/a -95.1% 2 -99.4%
Lexus LS600hL 1 -90.0% -87.5% 35 -27.1%
Mercedes ML450 0 -100.0% -100.0% 1 -99.8
All hybrids 16,319 -34.2% -42.1% 118,093 8.1
All vehicles 1,057,826 -8.4% -3.9% 5,260,999 13.9%

May 2011 Plug-in Electric Car Sales Numbers

Plug-in cars sold in the US (May 2011): 1,631
Plug-in Take-Rate: 0.15%

US plug-in electric sales for May 2011

Model Units vs. last month vs. May 2010 CYTD vs. CYTD 2010
Nissan LEAF 1,142 99.3% n/a 2,167 n/a
Chevrolet Volt 481 -2.4% n/a 2,184 n/a
Smart ED 8 -70.4% n/a 87 n/a
All plug-in cars 1,631 344.4% n/a 4,438 n/a
All vehicles 1,057,826 -8.4% -3.9% 5,260,000 13.9%

May 2011 Clean Diesel Car Sales Numbers

Clean Diesels sold in the US (May 2011): 9,138
Diesel Take-Rate: 0.79%

US clean diesel sales for May 2011

Model Units vs. last month vs. May 2010 CYTD vs. CYTD 2010
VW Jetta 5,409 -2.8% 24.4% 22,069 41.2%
Volkswagen Golf 977 2.0% 63.4% 4,025 86.3%
BMW X5 506 15.0% -18.3% 2,681 -17.7%
Mercedes GL320 446 4.2% 43.4% 1,960 62.4%
Audi A3 365 0.3% 54.0% 1,633 26.9
Audi Q7 340 -8.8% 55.3% 1,739 65.0%
VW Touareg 308 16.7% 158.8% 1,120 37.8%
Mercedes E320 270 9.8% 5,300.0% 1,148 2,633.3%
BMW 335d 265 17.8% 28.0% 1,231 3.6%
Mercedes ML320 259 7.9% 17.7% 1,270 61.8%
Mercedes R320 172 391.4% 1,128.6% 344 123.4%
Jeep Gr Cherokee n/a 100.0% 152 -66.3%
All clean diesels 9,317 2.0% 33.8% 39,372 40.5%
All vehicles 1,057,826 -8.4% -3.9% 5,260,999 13.9%

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  • Yegor

    Thanks for the update!

    Where is Hyundai Sonata Hybrid? No sales?

  • Charles

    Suggestion, could/would you add a category of fuel efficient traditional cars? Something like all cars that get at least 40 MPG city or highway. That way we could see how hybrids and other alternative fuel cars are doing compared to high MPG ICE cars.


  • Box One

    Bravo Nissan for selling 1,142 Leafs, high time for Chevy to reconsider the price of Volt.

    Lets hope that June Hybrid sales are better than May and July is better than June. As gas prices continue to increase, so will the hybrid sales.

    The fuel efficient cars like Civic, Cruze, Focus & Elantra sold very well.

  • Emc2

    Well, despite the plunge, cumulative HEV sales passed the 2 million mark in May, just one month after the Prius reached one million US sales.

  • Yegor

    Honda will reach 100-percent production capacity for most models only in August 🙁

    “May sales are on par with what we expected due to the lingering effects of parts and production shortages resulting from the devastating March 11 earthquake in Japan,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of sales for American Honda. “We are confident that sales will rebound as our North American plants reach 100-percent production capacity for most models in August.””

  • Yegor

    Toyota production was 50% so far but will reach 90 percent of normal levels in June!

    “As expected, May was an especially challenging month due mainly to uncertainties about our production forecast. But thanks to the tremendous efforts of our manufacturing team members and suppliers, we are ramping up much faster than expected,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Division group vice president and general manager, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. “Beginning this month, Japan production will be at 90 percent of normal levels, and eight of twelve North American-built vehicles will be at 100 percent.”

  • Anonymous

    I believe Honda’s production in Japan, where all its hybrids are made, will be back to normal by August.

  • Anonymous

    Reuters: Forget $4 gasoline, Americans buy bigger cars in May

    “The rush by Americans to buy smaller, more fuel-efficient cars hit a speed bump in May.

    New data compiled for Reuters shows the rush for vehicles with higher gas mileage is more restrained than three years ago, and is already beginning to fade, even as gasoline prices test their 2008 peaks and automakers tout an expanded lineup of gas-sipping cars, from plug-in Volts to 6-cylinder F-150s. […] “

  • Boxone

    A Hard Lesson has been learnt from Japan’s Quake. Dont keep all eggs in 1 basket. Why did Toyota and Honda keep all Hybrid production in Japan alone when USA is their biggest market.

    Its high time, they shift part of Hybrid manufacturing to somewhere in central US, where it can be transported to any part of US & Canada and Mexico. Atleast they should produce Prius-C here.

    It will be good if Ford & GM make a small Hatchback Hybrid.
    Focus Hatch is selling very well capturing nearly 43% of total Focus sales while Sedan took the remaining 57%.

    In Europe, Focus is sold only in Hatch & Wagon version. Remember the Focus Hatch has as much interior space as a mid-size wagon.

  • Yegor

    Anonymous wrote:
    “Reuters: Forget $4 gasoline, Americans buy bigger cars in May.
    The rush by Americans to buy smaller, more fuel-efficient cars hit a speed bump in May.”

    The only reason for low fuel-efficient cars sales in May is low production of Japanese cars. There is no doubt about it. Reuters is totally wrong!

    The overall car sales were down 8% in May. Before Japan earthquake sales were up 20%. People are waiting for fuel-efficient Japanese cars.

    Good news: Toyota is going to restore production to 90% in June! You will see that fuel-efficient car sales will be a lot up.

  • Boxone

    Truck segment suffered 4.7% decline in sales in May while Cars saw only 2.8% decline.

    Biggest hit were Pickup trucks which saw 11.4 % decline. Infact more than 1/2 the Ford F-150 sold were with V6 engine.

    Infact wsj is also not so precise as they include Explorer & Grand Cherokee which are built on Unibody platform in SUV category instead of CUVs. I wrote to their editor about this, but he continues to ignore the fact.

    Some writers take bribes from Oil companies and give wrong info that bigger vehicles sales were good. Exxon is notorious in giving money to such people.

    Overall auto sales suffered not only because of Japan quake and its aftermath, but also because of rising oil prices. June may also see a dip in overall vehicle sales, but this time, the Hybrid sales should be much higher.

    Expect sales of V8s to go down and V4s to go up.

  • John K.

    With the earthquake, I can understand why Japan’s sales plummeted, but I don’t get why the Ford Fusion hybrid’s sales also fell so much, esp w/gas prices being as high as they’ve been.

  • Bob Wilson

    Ordinary cars, pickups and SUVs have their own, coverage and make no illusion of parity or fairness about hybrids, electric, and diesels. So it is refreshing to have one source that covers our market.

    When the gasser press decides to fairly cover our interests, we’ll move that way. But they are often hostile to even their own, highway-only, mileage vehicles except during times of high gas prices . . . as if there are no traffic jams and urban traffic does not exist.

    Truth be told, I’m not really happy with the “clean diesel” after having read the CARB reports on TDI emissions. Worse, some ‘hybrids’ are more green-wash than efficient. But seeing them all in one place makes it easy to see what is going on.

    Bob Wilson

  • wxman

    @ Bob Wilson,

    To what “CARB reports on TDI emissions” are you referring?

    Can you provide a specific source?

  • Yegor

    @ John K.

    Ford Escape Hybrid sales are about the same. Last year government bought lots of Ford Fusion Hybrids – may be not so much this year. Ford Hybrids are relatively expensive so we should not expect big sales growth here.

    Also Ford Hybrid transmissions are produced in Japan :

    May be Ford does not have enough Hybrid transmissions as well.

  • Matt_Long Beach

    Yeah, where is the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid?? I actually was driving in one as of TODAY. My friend bought one 3 weeks ago, so I know there is at least one North American sale of the car…

  • Andres

    I am really happy that the Leaf came up in the top five of clean vehicles (plug in an hybrids) and 6th in the overall clean market. Wake up call for some automakers?

  • Brendan Williams

    Fuel efficient car buying is the way to go. Even better is a car that does not require fossil fuels, and produces little or no carbon emissions. No matter what the price of fossil fuels, people need to be looking to purchase vehicles with low emissions. Who ever is the producer, it is essential that the big companies can get onto the production of a good fuel efficient vehicles with little or no emissions; this ensures we will be onto a winner. To bring all nations inline with the promises of the 2020 summit, governments globally, are implementing taxes or disincentives for carbon emissions. The way of the future will be green energy. I would personally like to see more vehicle makes and models entering the market in green models. If you like this kind of power you may also be interested in info about solar energy here-

  • fhs

    Charles posted:

    “Suggestion, could/would you add a category of fuel efficient traditional cars? Something like all cars that get at least 40 MPG city or highway. That way we could see how hybrids and other alternative fuel cars are doing compared to high MPG ICE cars.”

    This is VERY easily found using

    Simply select 2011~2012 rated 35 mpg COMBINED and ABOVE for ALL fuel sources EXCLUDING hybrid, diesel, and electric.

    This simple one pass search reveals 14 vehicles. Oh, this search engine will even provide total vehicles found provided there are 300 or less.


    While we are at it … some folks are aware of the disparities (“biases”) between EPA “STICKER” and “REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE observations”. These “biases” seems to be more significant for the more fuel frugal vehicles … particularly diesels.

    Here is an example

    Oak Ridge National Laboraty has a program that is trying to rationally “unravel” this puzzle. Considerable work has already been accomplished.

    IF you are interested, that a look at this database

    And … IF … you would like to HELP improve OUR … NATIONAL … knowledge base of Fuel Economy see

    For a detailed description of this program see “Help”

    Here is the MOBILE APP for inputting fuel consumption and miles driven. In exchange … for your efforts, the database will build and maintain an MPG ledger for the vehicles in your “GARAGE”.

    Have fun and travel SAFE!

  • ko ko ghit

    I used to work 3 miles away from my home for about 20 years. After the economic meltdown, I had to switch to a job that had me comute daliy over 160 miles, I am planning to buy a hybrid car; which car will be the best for me? Please help me out.

  • 55mpg

    ko ko ghit, I would recommend Prius.

  • Yegor

    @ ko ko ghit,

    Toyota Prius has the best MPG – 50 MPG at the cost of $23,000.
    Honda Insight real world MPG is very close to Prius – 46-49 MPG but it much less expensive starting at $18,200 – (though it is smaller than Prius)

    160 miles commute could be very tiring. 🙁 Are you OK with it? Are you considering moving closer to work?

  • charles

    Ko ko hit, I second the Prius. It has the best MPGs of any current car, both city and highway.

  • Chuck

    Ko Ko,
    I would look into used Scion XA if you are buying to commute only. They are cheap used, great on gas and Toyota. 160 miles per day x 5 days will rack up around 40,000 miles per year so it’ll be stupid to buy any new car. Used hybrids are $$$ and you’ll blow pass any warranty with in 3 years.. Look for XA that has 60~40,000 miles in your area. You can find one for pretty cheap and use it so you can rack up miles without feeling bad.

  • Charles

    ko ko ghit,

    If you are looking at used cars. Here is a bit more information:

    The 2004-2006 Scion Xa gets 34-35 EPA highway MPG. CR has them having an excellent repair record. Its replacement the Xd is only rated at 32 MPG highway.

    The Gen II Prius gets 45 MPG highway and also has an excellent repair record.

    The Gen 1 Civic Hybrid is also rated at 45 MPG highway. Most years of the Civic have an excellent repair record. Other years are just very good. Some people have reported problems with the some Civic Hybrids.

    The manual transmission Gen I Insight is rated at 58 MPG, 49 for the automatic. CR does not have reliability data on the Gen I Insight. The Get II Insight is rated at 43 MPG highway and has an excellent repair record.

    The 2010 Volkswagen and Audi Diesels are rated at 42 MPG. The 2010 Jetta has an excellent repair record. The older ones are 37-41, and the repair record is spotty.

    Smarts are 41 MPG, but the repair record is spotty.

    At 37 MPG highway you have a few choices. Some models of Minis, Corolla, Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G5. The GM and Mini cars do not have outstanding repair records. The Corolla is about as reliable as a Civic.

    At 36 MPG, you add a couple of interesting cars. The Fusion/Milan hybrids and a BMW 335d Diesel. The Fords have had really good repair records. You also get a bunch other small cars such as the Yaris, Accent, Forte and Rio.

    At 35 MPG you add the really nice Honda Fit. And the good deal Ford Focus. This is also where the Xa comes in.

    Following is how many gallons would be saved at various MPG ratings compared to the Xa’s 1143 total gallons at 35 MPG for 40,000 miles per year:
    MPG – Gallons Saved
    32 — -107.14
    35 — 0
    36 — 32
    37 — 62
    40 — 143
    41 — 167
    42 — 190
    43 — 213
    45 — 254
    48 — 310
    49 — 327
    58 — 453

    Good luck.

  • Boxone

    Case for Interior Space

    Instead of determining a cars size on the basis of its length, width & height, it will be better if people look at its Interior Volume which combines Passenger & Cargo space. After all its the space that is what we use for ourself, our family and cargo.

    Prius – EPA interior volume: 115.3 cu.ft.
    HHR – EPA interior volume: 122.6 cu.ft.
    Insight -EPA interior volume: 100.9 cu.ft.
    Fit – EPA interior volume: 111.4 cu.ft.
    Camry -EPA interior volume: 116.4 cu.ft.
    Camry – Hybrid -EPA interior volume: 112 cu.ft.
    Corolla – EPA interior volume: 104.4 cu.ft.
    Focus – Hatch – EPA interior volume: 114.5 cu.ft.
    Focus – Sedan – EPA interior volume: 107.2 cu.ft.

    CUVs like Escape & CRV has much more space while the Minivans may have as much space as the Full Size SUVs. The Europeans & Asians look at the interior volume and go towards Wagons & Hatches & MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicles).

  • fhs

    ko ko ghit


    That should very quickly give you a list of vehicles based on YOUR “selection criteria”! Then it is a matter of elimination.

  • fhs

    Can anyone provide May 2011 Hyundai Hybrid sales info?


  • Yegor

    Hyundai sold 549 Sonata Hybrids in North America in April !!!

    hybridcars staff, please clarify Sonata Hybrid sales numbers.

  • Charles

    In the past I had a subscription to the WSJ. I never did like their editorials, but the news was concise, fair and balanced. Now that Murdoch has them, they will not get another red cent from me.

  • Yegor

    ko ko ghit,

    How much of your driving is stop and go?

  • Chuck

    If the cost of used XA and used hybrid that’s got low miles is just say $6000. I’m just putting 6000 but you maybe able to find for $4000 or like around where I live difference is $8000 (Some are cheap some are not but I find cheap one to be about 8 years old or have a lots of miles for some reason).

    $6000/$4 per gal of gas = 1500 gal
    1500*35mpg= 52500 miles
    This tells you that if you go for XA, cost difference took your commute for one year as zero $$ and pocketed some $$ and at this point, XA will have around 100,000 miles+-.

    52500/58mpg= 905 gal of gas
    This shows you, you paid $6000 more and additional $3620 so you can drive 58 mpg car for 52500 miles. That’s about cost of used XA and you have racked up miles on 58mpg car to 100,000 miles+-.

    Now let’s look at new Prius.
    $23,000 plus dist cost of $750 will be $23,750. $23,750-$10,000= alotta gas and you still didn’t start saving any $. 3 to 3 and half years later, its battery will go out of warranty. Enough said, avoid buying new car at any reason.

    So my thought process would recommend buying used XA like car for $10,000 and drive for about 2 years, sell it for $3000~5000 and buy another compact car.. Rinse and repeat.. 160 miles per day is a killer commute. You’ll rack up so many miles on what ever car you choose to drive so get a reliable used small car. I picked XA because it’s “Discontinued” car so you can find great deals if you are lucky.

  • Anonymous

    Honda Fit, for the third month in a row, was the best selling car in Japan in May.
    Toyota Prius was the third, after the Toyota Vitz.

  • Anonymous

    My thought is the ride of xA can be on the harsh side. Take a long test drive, at least 45 min., on a route you are familiar so you can assess fully.

  • Chuck

    If a person is thinking about total comfort and safety plus not worry about MPG.. I would suggest buying a brand new Infiniti M. M looks really cool/sleek in my option but I’m thinking about his/her wallet. Nothing more. I know he/she will be putting 160 miles per day.. That adds to 40,000 miles per year (not counting weekend drives) so would you buy a brand new car that has 36,000 miles bumper to bumper warranty? I don’t think so. If you think XA is bad choice, tell him what you recommend and prove me wrong!

    P.S. Please don’t recommend Korean made junk that wouldn’t hold.. Hold.. What was I writing about? Oh I know! Something about junk cars that shouldn’t have sold in US because they are true junk. In Korea, Japanese cars are more expensive then counter part Korean cars in past. Korean cars starred to catch up to Japanese car price and their people even said in some reports that if Korean cars and Japanese cars are same price, they’ll buy Japanese cars because Korean car makers can’t just keep advertising to buy home land made car to support home land when their car company do not do anything to support Korea. Same as electronics.

  • usbseawolf2000


    xA transmission and engine would be long expired then. Does that mean it will fail? Absolutely not. The same goes with Prius HV battery but it has 10 years / 150k warranty (much longer).

    When you sell a used Prius back, you’ll get much more than $3k-$5k than the xA would get. Count that into your calculation as well.

    Here in NY, a single Prius driver can go on the HOV lane with the Clean Pass sticker and also gets discounts (up to 50% off) for the tolls. xA qualifies for neither.

    With a better standard equipped features and being a midsize, Prius provides a more comfortable and safer (more airbags and probably better crash test rating) than xA.

    I think both choices are good. I am just filling in some aspects that overlooked.

  • yengsai1102

    “Toyota Motor Corp. said Tuesday that global sales of its hybrid models have topped 3 million vehicles on the back of brisk demand for the Prius.

    The world’s No. 1 automaker has sold more than 3.03 million gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles worldwide since 1997 when Toyota first rolled out the Prius in Japan, it said.

    The Prius, the world’s first mass-produced hybrid car, alone accounts for 72 percent of Toyota’s global hybrid car sales.

    Last year, Toyota sold 7.53 million vehicles worldwide and 690,000 of those were hybrids.

    Over 60 percent of Toyota’s hybrid sales come from abroad with the rest in Japan. In North America, Toyota’s hybrid sales have surged to 1.15 million vehicles from just 5,790 in 2000.

    Toyota’s hybrid sales far outnumbered those by rivals. Honda Motor Co. said it has sold around 610,000 hybrid cars worldwide. Nissan Motor Co., which began hybrid vehicles sales in Japan late last year, said domestic hybrid sales totaled 1,900 vehicles as of February 2011.

    Nissan launched sales of hybrid vehicles in North America in 2007. But the company said figures for hybrid sales in the region were not available.”

  • Yegor

    It looks like Hyundai sold around 1,232 Sonata Hybrids in May.

    NADA reported the total Hybrid sales were 18,032 in May:

    18,032 – 16,319 (reported here) – 481 (Chevy Volt) = 1,232

    Hyundai Sonata Hybrids April sales seem to match WSJ numbers:
    25,797 – 24,797 (reported here) – 493 (Chevy Volt) = 507

  • Editor

    The Hybrid Sonata is now on sale but Hyundai has chosen to withhold the number until the vehicles are more readily available. It looks like about 600 units were sold in the last month and we will add this to the report as soon as we receive the actual detail.

  • Jay

    Why are the Tesla numbers missing? Does here have anybody a problem with the Tesla?

  • jim1961

    Ko Ko Ghit,

    There is a great article on the Motor Trend website that reviews 20 different cars that get 40 or more miles per gallon. I highly recommend reading this article for anyone looking to buy a fuel efficient car.

  • Anonymous

    Toyota raises production of Prius-V (Alpha) above the initial forecast to 5,000 units / month.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it would be a big surprise to anyone that Toyota is able to increase the production of Prius -V (Alpha) if you follow the Japan auto market closely as sales of Prius has plummeted since the expiry of government eco incentive last year. Case in point: sales of Prius fell by 76.1 percent last month.

  • Anonymous

    2011 Toyota Corolla LE automatic is $18360@29mpg
    2011 Toyota Prius Base is $24280@48mpg

    To make size and safety points about same, I picked Corolla with LE model to be fair equipment (I’m just looking for A/C, power windows and remote power door.)..

    To drive Corolla for 100,000 miles you’ll need 3448 gallons of gas at 29mpg.
    To drive Prius for 100,000 miles you’ll need 2038 gallons of gas at 48mpg.
    That’s 1365 gallons of gas. WOW! Go gas saver Prius! BUT

    Price difference is $5920 and I don’t think many people buy cars without financing it so you’ll end up paying more then $5920 for Prius depending on how long the loan is for and APR. Let’s say both cars are bought in cash in this example. 1365 gallons of gas @$4 per gallon is $5460.

    Both cars need to have little less then 110,000 miles to even out initial cost. YEY! Prius still has some miles left on battery warranty. Prius’s transaxle and Corolla’s transmission warranty faded at 60,000 miles. Only thing that’s covered is battery up until 150,000 miles for Prius.

    Not that it’s going happen but let’s say Corolla’s transmission fail at 110,000 and to be fair, Prius’s transaxle fail at 110,000 too. Where would I take my corolla with 110,000 miles to get it fixed? I can take it to any transmission shop but could any shop fix hybrids? I don’t think so.. I’m not sure about cost difference of new transmission and new transaxle but that’s not important. Both cars are fixed and let’s profit from driving Prius! To pocket $3000, you’ll need to drive Prius for another 55,000 miles or so @$4 per gallon. After both cars racked up 165,000 miles, Prius owner pocketed $3000. Nothing on Prius is covered by Toyota now.. Now you have to worry about gas engine, electric motor, transaxle, and battery where Corolla is just engine and transmission.. Prius needs to be driven for at least 110,000 miles just to catch up to Corolla to start saving money if both are bought new. I don’t recommend buying new/used hybrid for now unless carbon out put is important to you. Now that you don’tget tx kick back.. Original hybrid owers already got kick back but you’ll not get this if you buy it used and for people who are looking at new ones, ther are none unless you buy plug in.. buying hybird and get kick back and selling for used is over.

  • Boxone

    Hello Anonymous

    See the interior volume of Prius & Corolla.

    Prius – EPA interior volume: 115.3 cu.ft.
    Camry -EPA interior volume: 116.4 cu.ft.
    Camry – Hybrid -EPA interior volume: 112 cu.ft.
    Corolla – EPA interior volume: 104.4 cu.ft.

    Prius is so close to Camry, so dont compare Prius with Corolla. If you compare it with Camry, then it will be cheaper. I dont know why people dont realize the spaciousness and utility of Hatch even 7 years after the launch of Prius-2.

  • fhs

    Where did you get he “EPA interior volume”?

    Would you please provide a link …

  • The other Anonymous

    FYI: the EPA interior room quoted above is the sum of passenger room AND luggage room.

    Prius: 94 / 22 cu. ft. (passenger/luggage)
    Camry: 101 / 15
    Camry hybrid: 101 / 11
    Corolla: 92 / 12

    You can look it up at fueleconomy(dot)gov

  • The other Anonymous

    Boxone wrote: “Prius – EPA interior volume: 115.3 cu.ft.
    HHR – EPA interior volume: 122.6 cu.ft.
    Insight -EPA interior volume: 100.9 cu.ft.
    Fit – EPA interior volume: 111.4 cu.ft.
    Camry -EPA interior volume: 116.4 cu.ft.
    Camry – Hybrid -EPA interior volume: 112 cu.ft.
    Corolla – EPA interior volume: 104.4 cu.ft.
    Focus – Hatch – EPA interior volume: 114.5 cu.ft.
    Focus – Sedan – EPA interior volume: 107.2 cu.ft.”

    By combining passenger room and luggage room seems a bit misleading to me.

    For the record:
    Prius 94 / 22 cu. ft. (passenger/ luggage room)
    HHR 97 / 25
    Insight 85 / 16
    Fit 91 / 21
    Corolla 92 / 12
    Camry 101 / 15
    Camry hybrid 101 / 11
    Focus hatch 90 / 24
    focus sedan 90 / 13

    Furthermore, I would add:
    2012 Civic 95 / 12

  • Anonymous

    Oops. Don’t hold your breath.

    Ford has officially canceled plans for its seven-passenger C-Max for the United States.


  • Chuck

    Camry Hybrid@101/11 cu. ft. (passenger/luggage) & 33mpg Automatic $28,010 (Added Floor mats)
    Scion xB@101/22 cu. ft. (passenger/luggage) & 24mpg Automatic $18,294(Added Security system and floor mats)

    Less then 10mpg difference will take forever to catch up the $9,700 but let’s see.
    @ 210,000 miles Camry hybrid is 6363 gallons
    @ 210,000 miles xB is 8750 gallons
    2387 gallons of difference will make it $9548 @$4 per gallon so will need to drive just little more.. Just kidding! This not good comparison, xB has more space then Camry Hybrid. 11 cubic feet difference.. I saw it some where before..

    Eye for an eye:
    Camry Hybrid@101/11 cu. ft. (passenger/luggage) & 33mpg Automatic $28,010 (Added Floor mats)
    Camry LE@101/15 cu. ft. (passenger/luggage) & 26 mpg Automatic $23,660 (Added Floor mats) little more space then Hybrid but we knew that.. Hybrids carry junk in her trunk..

    7 miles per gallon to catch up $4350.
    @ 130,000 miles Camry hybrid is 3939 gallons
    @ 130,000 miles Camry LE is 5000 gallons
    1061 gallons of difference will make it $4244@$4 per gallon so will need to drive just little more to start pocketing $.

  • Boxone

    Passenger space is also very important. When you want to drop your wife or parents in the airport and if your car does not take 2 suitcases, you will ending renting a bigger car. Same is the case when you go for camping, long trip, etc.

    So now everyone would have understood the importance of hatch/wagon.

    Yes Ford cancelled 7 passenger C-Max, but the 5 passenger will be available in 2 models

    No gas version. So this will be Ford’s 1st Hybrid only model and will compete head to head with Prius & Prius V. Lets see how they price this vehicle. Its getting interesting.

  • Timmer

    I know there have been some sales of the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid! Because I have one in my driveway. It was bought in April — so we are missing their sales on both the April DashBoard and the May DashBoard.

  • Chuck

    I would buy roof rails and some tiedown so I can tie suit case, mountain bike, surf boards, snow boards, and etc on the roof.. You can also buy large .8 mil trash bag to put suit case in if it looks like it’s going to rain.. Basically I would use roof as bed of pick up truck but I have pick up truck so I don’t have roof rails. How much are roof rails? Once you buy roof rail, it’s yours and it’s going to be better then renting a big car/SUV… IMO

  • Anonymous

    From the Autonews:
    ‘ Honda Motor Co. told dealers June 9 they may resume ordering the Honda Fit and Insight as the automaker races to restock U.S. supplies of fuel-efficient models disrupted by the March earthquake in Japan.

    Declaring that Honda has “turned the corner” on factory interruptions stemming from the March 11 earthquake, senior U.S exec John Mendel also exhorted dealers today to be aggressive on the sales and advertising front.

    “Honda’s manufacturing operations in Japan are returning to nearly normalized levels … ‘

  • usbseawolf2000

    Camry hybrid has more power and faster than 4 cylinder non-hybrid. It has less power than the V6 so TCH performs like a 5 cylinder equivalent.

    When will the V6 premium pay itself? Never. However, the hybrid premium does! You get more power, less emission, consumes less gas and faster ride for the price of 4 cylinder version. Beyond the break-even point, TCH will start to save even more.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget the Honda Insight also gets great real world fuel mileage.

    According to EPA user report mileage:

    2010 Honda Insight- 47.35 mpg (39 users)
    2010 Toyota Prius- 48.9 mpg (145 users)

  • Chuck

    Camry Hybrid@101/11 cu. ft. (passenger/luggage) & 33mpg Automatic $28,010 (Added Floor mats)
    2012 VW Jetta SE@94/16 cu. ft. (passenger/luggage) & 26 mpg Automatic $22,665 (Sun roof & convenience package added and16 inch wheels came with package!.)

    2012 Jetta SE is 5 cylinder so this is good right? Oh.. Jetta SE with Sun roof options is cheaper then Camry LE. If you brought hybrid because of its awesome high performance, you should go see a doctor. $28,000 is not $23,000 so I’m not sure where you get “You get more power, less emission, consumes less gas and faster ride for the price of 4 cylinder version”. Did you miss eye for an eye?. “Beyond the break-even point, TCH will start to save even more” Hybrid cost more until you hit that break even point mileage and then you finally start saving money but that break even point because of initial vehicle cost. I don’t think buying hybrid saves money at all. Can someone tell me any benefit of buying hybrid cars now?

  • altonalvin

    The lack of inventory, combined with rising demand due to high gas prices, lifted prices when incentives evaporated. This caused some folks considering a hybrid to choose a less expensive model or postpone a purchase. forum francophone los angeles

  • arthurarnold

    The drop by half in just two months is attributed to supply shortages for vehicles and related components due to the March earthquake in Japan. The lack of inventory, combined with rising demand due to high gas prices, lifted prices. This caused some folks considering a hybrid to choose a less expensive model or postpone a purchase. iPad