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    White-clad Tesla Model X Spotted

    A nice clear frontal three-quarter view of the Tesla Model X was provided by a California photographer on a car enthusiast’s forum. We cropped the photos for your viewing edification, but the originals are posted below in the gallery. The delayed and much anticipated crossover is expected to begin deliveries the third quarter of this […]

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    2016 Toyota Prius Engine To Boast 40 Percent Thermal Efficiency

    Toyota announced that its next Prius will be the most efficient yet, delivering up to 40 percent thermal efficiency. This news came during last week’s Annual Spring Congress for Japan’s Society of Automotive Engineers where the automaker revealed more details about its class-leading gasoline Prius hybrid engine. “The efficiency will be realized by improving the […]


    Elon Musk Biography Offers Insight Into Tesla’s CEO

    A newly released biography gives a closer look into the upbringing and inner workings of entrepreneur Elon Musk. Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors, has sparked the interest – and sometimes the ire – of many. He’s known for sidestepping his publicity team to announce company updates through Twitter posts. And his interviews and shareholder […]

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    Tesla Sidesteps Dealer Laws With Mobile Stores

    Never one to pause in the shadows for long, Tesla Motors is again showing its unconventional side with its new “mobile experience.” Made from shipping containers, Tesla said that it’s planning to tour this new mobile store around the country. “Designed in-house, the shipping container arrives and unfolds to double its size in just a […]

    Three Ways To Expand The Fuel Cell Market

    Hydrogen refueling stations will continue to increase, according to one advocate, who added that the establishment of more commercial fleets and increased support from automakers will help fuel cell vehicles gain a firmer footing. As the managing director for the Motive division at Intelligent Energy, a company that develops eco-friendly automotive systems, James Batchelor spends […]

    Congress Making Inquiry Into Auto Cybersecurity

    The federal government is looking for answers on how automakers and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) plan to deal with auto cybersecurity in their vehicles. The House Energy and Commerce Committee has sent 17 letters to major automakers and NHTSA, requesting more information on how the auto industry will deal with infrastructure and […]

    2016 Prius Spied Testing In Thailand

    Only last week what was believed to be a 2016 Toyota Prius was seen in California, and now one has been spied testing in Thailand. The next-generation Toyota Prius was previously expected to debut by now, but the Japanese automaker pushed its unveiling in order to revamp its styling. The 2016 Toyota Prius spied here […]

    Driver Ticketed While Using Apple Watch

    Apple Watch users might want to use caution when using their smartwatch behind the wheel. An Apple Watch user, Jeffrey Macesin, received a ticket in Quebec, Canada for using his smartwatch to change songs while driving. The ticket was for $120 and four points on his license as the officer charged him under the section […]

    Chevrolet Bolt Trademark Application Has Been Suspended

    For the second time, General Motors application to trademark the name “Bolt” for its upcoming electric car is under suspension. GM unveiled the Bolt Concept during the 2015 North American International Car Show, saying that it will have a driving range of roughly 200 miles and a price tag around $30,000 after federal tax credit. […]