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    TDI Diesel Owners To Get Generous Compensation By Volkswagen

    Volkswagen is expected to offer generous compensation packages for the owners affected by its diesel scandal. Although the German automaker has not determined whether vehicle owners will receive cash, car buy-backs, repairs or replacement vehicles, Kenneth Feinberg, the attorney VW hired to oversee the claims process, believes an overwhelming majority will accept the eventual compensation […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    Americans Watch As Honda Launches High-MPG Odyssey Hybrid Minivan in Japan

    A month after Fiat-Chrysler announced America’s first plug-in hybrid minivan, long-time minivan leader Honda announced an Odyssey hybrid too – for its home market. Honda’s announcement this week is that today dealers across Japan will begin offering its Odyssey with a version of the Accord Hybrid’s powertrain alongside conventionally powered Odysseys. The new gas-electric variant comes […]

    Hybrid Market Dashboard

    January 2016 Dashboard

    The monthly sales Dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Overall sales for January were down slightly from a year ago, although there were fewer selling days in the month so the sales rate was […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Tesla Discontinues Model S 85-kWh Battery Option

    The Tesla Model S now only comes with two battery options. The American electric automaker quietly killed off its 85-kilowatt-hour battery option on its sedan while the 90-kwh battery is now only available with all-wheel drive. That means now if you are shopping for a Model S, you can choose between the 70, 70D, 90D […]

    Tesla Model 3 To Cost $35,000, Could Net For Mid-Low 20s With Incentives

    Tesla’s Model 3 reportedly to be shown next month and on sale by mid-2017 could sell for a starting price as high as $35,000 and as low as $21,500 with the country’s best state incentives and federal tax credit rolled in. The specific answer will depend on whether one’s tax situation enables federal credit eligibility, […]

    GM Says Other Companies Could Use Chevy Volt Powertrain

    Could we one day see various brand hybrid or plug-in hybrid vehicles affixed with a discrete “Voltec Inside” badge on their flanks? Probably not, but that General Motors is willing to supply the second-generation Chevy Volt’s powertrain architecture to competitors is more certain, according to Automotive News. “We want to be the partner of choice […]

    Porsche Says Investment in EVs Will Ding Its Profits

    Porsche has green-lighted an ostensibly Tesla-competitive electric car’s development, has “many new products in the pipeline” besides, but its CEO says investments in EVs will not be initially healthy to the company’s bottom line. On the contrary, CEO Oliver Blume told media Porsche will take a hit on profits for an unspecified duration due largely […]

    Volkswagen Planning 300-mile Range EV

    Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess is championing the development of an all-electric car that he hopes will help VW shed some of the negative light cast by the diesel emissions scandal. Diess put out the challenge to VW’s engineers, saying that the car should be as iconic as the Golf and have an electric range of […]

    Google Is Developing Wireless Charging For Self-Driving EVs

    Alongside the development of self-driving electric cars, technology giant Google is looking into wireless charging systems. Google’s parent company Alphabet has filed documents with the U.S. Federal Communication Commission (FCC) that reveal that company has been testing two different wireless charging systems. The first was installed at Google’s California HQ in February, 2015 by Hevo […]