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    Improving an EV’s Cabin Heating System

    Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) have one leg up on battery electric vehicles (BEVs) because they have an internal combustion engine that gives off waste heat. Systems that capture this waste heat come in handy in the winter to heat the passenger cabin. Pure BEVs on the other hand don’t have this source of waste […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    Tesla Model X Buyer Finds Hidden Doubly Quick 72A On-Board Charger Option

    Imagine a major automotive company hiding an optional feature because it does not want buyers to choose it. That, by its own admission, is exactly what Tesla has done for buyers now invited to privately configure their Model X which comes standard with a 48-amp on-board single charger (OBC) which restricts charge times compared to […]

    Power, Plugs and People

    What is Level 3 Charging?

    Answer: Level 3 charging is one level higher than level 2 charging. Level 2 Charging is AC while level 3 is DC. Right? Wrong. According to the SAE, level 3 charging doesn’t imply DC. It can be either AC or DC. “Levels” are indicative of the charging power. The higher the level the higher the […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Why Europe Has Passed the US As Number One In Plug-in Electrified Vehicles

    This summer after the first half year of plug-in electrified vehicle sales results were in, Europe had surpassed the U.S. for the first time, and since then it’s never looked back. Although its total passenger vehicle market of 12.5-million units last year was smaller than the U.S.’ 16.5 million, Europe is up 86 percent year […]

    Nissan Holds Down Fort With 1,054 November Sales As 2016 Models Hit Dealers

    As has been the case for several months now, last month Nissan Leaf sales were down compared to the year prior but with new 2016 models now hitting dealers, Nissan says it expects things to improve. The Japanese maker of the world’s cumulatively best-selling plug-in vehicle delivered a scant 1,054 units for November, just 39 […]

    2016 Model Year Volts Comprise 86 Percent of 1,980 November Volt Sales

    Sales for the Chevy Volt were nearly on par last month with 1,980 deliveries reported compared to October’s 2,035. Of these, says GM, 86 percent are the 2016 model year being sold for now just in California and 10 states following its zero emission rules. That roughly equates to 1,700 sales last month out of […]

    Will the 2017 Chevy Bolt Cannibalize Volt Sales?

    The Chevrolet Volt with gasoline backup allows for no range anxiety. Then again, Chevrolet’s pending 200-mile Bolt priced maybe $3,500 more means much less range anxiety than today’s more-common sub-100-mile EVs, so will GM cannibalize its own sales? Or, even worse, “will there still be room for the Volt” at all, or might Chevrolet look […]

    New IIHS Ratings to Push Adaptive Headlights Into the Mainstream

    Adaptive headlights are set to be the next technology that sees widespread adoption thanks to new safety ratings. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is developing a system for evaluating headlight performance which will require vehicles to receive a ‘good’ rating to be considered a Top Safety Pick Plus, the IIHS’s top safety rating. […]