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    Why Electrified Vehicles May Be The Remedy For Volkswagen

    Analysts are carefully watching Volkswagen to see if it can recover from its diesel emission scandal, and a few are wondering if electrified vehicles will be the answer. “VW is actually in a strong position to innovate their way out of this mess,” said analysts with Lux Research. “They have been spending the most on […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    Chevy Bolt Production Confirmed For 2016

    As has been unofficially reported until now, this week General Motors confirmed it will begin production of the 200-plus-mile range Chevy Bolt next year. The occasion for the disclosure was a presentation by Executive Vice President and President, North America Alan Batey speaking to analysts at GM’s annual Global Business Conference in Michigan. The Bolt […]

    Hybrid Market Dashboard

    September 2015 Dashboard

    The monthly sales Dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market. Overall sales for September continued at an extremely high level, albeit down from August 2015 (a normal seasonal trend), but up significantly from September 2014. […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Movie Based on VW Diesel Scandal Is In the Works

    Paramount Pictures and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company has secured the rights to create a movie on the Volkswagen diesel scandal. The movie will be based on a book that has yet to be written by New York Times journalist Jack Ewing. According to Ewing, DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way has acquired an option for the […]

    No AWD For US-Market 2016 Toyota Prius

    After 15 years on the U.S. market as a front-wheel-drive only vehicle, the 2016 Toyota Prius will remain such, and despite rumors to the contrary, will not receive all wheel drive. According to a brief e-mail by Toyota media rep Sam Butto today, there will be “no AWD in the U.S. market for the 2016 […]

    Tesla Releasing Autopilot Update For All Compatible Vehicles

    After testing autosteering and other self-driving functions on a limited number of Model S sedans, Tesla announced that the company is rolling out a full update this week for all its vehicles. The 7.0 software update will expand the self-driving abilities of all Tesla vehicles built since September 2014, giving them the ability to steer […]

    2016 Toyota Prius Specifications Revealed

    A rundown of the just-released 2016 Toyota Prius specifications indicates nearly a complete top-to-bottom makeover. Goals for the Japanese automaker’s perennial globally best-selling eco car have included 55 mpg, sportier handling, and – while it’s less than vocal about it – to stay fresh against a growing field of plug-in cars. The new car ought to […]

    Elon Musk Calls Apple A ‘Graveyard’ Of Ex-Tesla Employees

    In a recent interview, Tesla CEO Elon Musk downplayed the number of ex-Tesla employees that now work for Apple, saying those were engineers Tesla no longer wanted. “Important engineers? They have hired people we’ve fired,” Musk said of Apple in an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt, as reported by Apple Insider. “We always jokingly call […]