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    Toyota Mirai FCV First Drive Impressions

    The Toyota Mirai drives essentially like a normal car. Toyota has said it wants its first fuel cell vehicle to be an electric car with no perceptible compromises for consumers, so would you expect it do otherwise? During a brief local test drive today, we were able to at least get a feel, and can […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    Toyota Announces East Coast ‘Hydrogen Highway’ for ‘Mirai” FCV

    Toyota announced tonight it will work with Air Liquide toward planting 12 fuel cell vehicle refueling stations in five Northeastern states for its new pending fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai. Timing for the launch which was announced tonight by CEO Jim Lentz for this “hydrogen highway” is not being disclosed, and details of the collaboration […]

    Culture & Market

    Jay Leno Says Early 20th Century EVs ‘Killed’ Because They Were Women’s Cars

    The documentary “Who Killed The Electric Car” pointing an accusatory finger at General Motors is actually a record of a second premature ending for EVs, and the first die-off of EVs happened in part because they were seen as positioned for women. This observation of early 20th century history was made during a brief video […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Fuel Cell For Golf SportWagen HyMotion

    Toyota and Honda are not the only ones showcasing fuel cells in Los Angeles: Volkswagen also did. Volkswagen unveiled as a world premiere its Golf SportWagen HyMotion at the Los Angeles auto show. Golf SportWagen HyMotion is described by the company as a research vehicle with a fuel cell powertrain. VW said the front-wheel-drive Golf […]

    Family Wins Honda Civic Hybrid

    An Indiana family has won a Honda Civic Hybrid for its use of the State’s “Natural Treasures.” During this past summer, the Nature Conservancy and Honda teamed up for a sweepstakes that challenged locals to explore natural sites. Targeted at residents in Honda manufacturing states of Alabama, Indiana and Ohio, Honda said the “Natural Treasures” […]

    Getting Technical On 48 Volt Hybrid Vehicles

    A special conference is being held this week to discuss the advancements of 48 volt hybrid systems for vehicles. The European Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (EALABC) will inform automotive industry executives this week of the environmental and cost benefits of advanced lead-carbon batteries now being commercialized for a new generation of low cost 48V ‘super […]

    EVs And PHEVs With V2G Capabilities For US Air Force

    The U.S. Air Force unveiled Friday a fleet of plug-in electric vehicles equipped to return electricity to the grid as needed. The fleet of 42 vehicles is located at the Los Angeles Air Force Base in California (LAAFB) and includes both pure electric vehicles as well as PHEV. Of these 42 vehicles, 36 have been […]

    More e-Fuel Development From Audi

    CO2-neutral synthetic fuels is one direction Audi is aiming its fuel researches. The German automaker’s latest project is a pilot plant in Dresden that produces diesel fuel from water, CO2 and green electricity. Audi said it opened the plant November 14 with its project partners Climeworks and sunfire. Audi added with this collaboration, it is, […]

    No Charge To Charge A Leaf Now In Chicago

    Chicago is the next city to be the recipient of Nissan’s Leaf “No Charge to Charge” promotion. Nissan launched on Friday its “No Charge to Charge” promotion that provides two years of no-cost public charging with the purchase or lease of a new Leaf from Nissan dealers in the Chicago market. Nissan explained this includes […]