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    Sooner Than Some Think, Lyft Will Launch GM’s First Autonomous Electric Car

    General Motors will offer its first autonomous EV through its affiliated ride-sharing partner, Lyft, and things are coming together on an accelerated pace. In January this year, GM announced it invested $500 million in Lyft and it has made Pam Fletcher, its former executive chief engineer for electric vehicles, its new executive chief engineer of […]

    General Motors

    GM CEO Mary Barra Talks To WIRED About Future Mobility and Chevy Bolt EV

    Chevrolet’s first 200-mile range EV, the 2017 Bolt, is due later this year, and GM chief Mary Barra says this is a portent of more electrification to come. In a half-hour video interview with WIRED Executive Editor Scott Dadich, Barra outlines her view. The interview is good enough that General Motors posted it to its […]


    Hyundai Getting Ready for 250-Mile Range EV by 2020

    Hyundai Motor Co. says it will be going full-speed ahead in its plug-in electrified vehicle rollout to increase range and compete with upstart Chinese rivals. Hyundai sees the technology changing so fast that it will have to roll out new EVs on a two-year cadence, boosting the current 110-mile range to around 250 miles per […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Musk Tweets Approval of NHTSA Administrator’s Statement on Autopilot

    Tesla chief Elon Musk reserves his Twitter account to stoke the flames of public sentiment, and his latest endorsement in 140 characters or less was for the implicit endorsement of Autopilot by a top federal regulator. Speaking at a conference in Detroit on Friday, Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), […]

    General Motors Predicts Its First Autonomous Car Could Be On Sale Within 10 Years

    If General Motors’ plans continue on pace, its first fully autonomous cars could be in limited use by a partnering car sharing service in five years, and on sale to consumers within 10. This is according to Mark Reuss, head of global product development, who spoke last week at an automotive cybersecurity conference in Detroit. […]

    Volkswagen Suspending Sales in South Korea on Eve of Ministry Review

    Volkswagen will be suspending sales of most if its models in South Korea starting July 25 (today), as pressure mounts for the German automaker over its falsified emissions reporting. VW is preparing for an environment ministry review this month or in early August on whether to revoke certification of the 32 vehicle types offered for […]

    World’s Most Efficient EV Yields Equivalent of 26,135 MPG

    A team of graduate students from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) has been acknowledged by the Guinness World Records for the “Most Efficient Electric Vehicle.” On an Audi test track in Bavaria, the tiny project car toppled the previous Guinness record by chalking up 765.53 miles/kilowatt hours. That’s the equivalent of about 26,135 U.S. […]

    Nissan Explains How CHAdeMO Has Reached ‘Critical Mass’ in Japan

    Japan’s CHAdeMO fast charging infrastructure has reached “critical mass” and drivers don’t have issues with keeping their plug-in electric vehicles charged, according to a Nissan newsletter. Nissan’s home country is also home to the CHAdeMO charging protocol. The standard has become Japan’s fast charging standard, with around 7,000 charging points in operation by the spring […]

    2017 Nissan Leaf Could Get 140-Mile Range

    Rumors are circulating that the Nissan Leaf is about to get a range extension, thanks to a 40-kWh battery. If true, come November Leaf buyers will be able to buy the car in three trims, with the base model having a 30-kWh battery, and the mid- and top-trims will get the 40-kWh battery. The 24-kWh […]