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    GM Comes Clean: Cadillac ELR ‘Really Not’ a Tesla Rival

    For all the armchair pundits and paid journalists out there sloshing around the data bits regarding ELR versus Model S, recently GM said the Volt-based coupe is not positioned as GM’s response to Tesla, but GM has previously said it is a competitor. Last Thursday the Detroit News quoted Mark Reuss, GM’s head of global […]

    Driving Trends

    How Far Will People Push Tesla’s Million-Mile Warranty?

    Now that Tesla has uncapped the limit for its 8-year Model S powertrain warranty to “infinite” miles, how far might some Model S drivers actually be able to take this? Could they drive a million miles all under warranty? Could they go farther? Already, stranger things have happened, such as a couple of ex-army buddies […]

    Culture & Market

    10 Encouraging Signs For The Future of Electrified Vehicles

    Actually, there are more than only 10 reasons to be encouraged that the electrification of transportation has a bright future. This round up however is in case anyone has any doubt after we gave a sober look at what yet gives critics breathing space to poke at the effort to rely on batteries instead of […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Volvo’s AstaZero Autonomous Vehicle Testing Ground Now Open

    Volvo Car Group;’s autonomous driving improvements are forging ahead with the opening of AstaZero, the world’s first full-scale proving ground for future traffic safety solutions. The company said its opening has brought it a step closer to realizing its vision that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo […]

    Kia’s Soul EV Meets New Animals

    Kia’s hamsters are back. In the latest installment of Kia Motors America’s ad campaign, the hamsters are found inhabiting a high-tech, high-energy laboratory and unleashing their inner mad scientists to create an eco-friendly Soul. Kia said set to the infectious beat of Maroon5’s never-before-heard song “Animals,” sparks fly and jaws drop when a surge of […]

    Honda-Engineered Supercharger Kit Gives CR-Z Hybrid 197 Horsepower

    Honda has launched its first factory designed and warranted supercharger kit for the manual-transmission version of the CR-Z hybrid. Supercharged 2011-2014 models will see the two-seater’s stock peak output significantly increased for a serious boost in speed potential for the roughly 2,650-pound car. In the case of 2013/14 models, power will rise above the base […]

    Upcoming Ford Mustang EcoBoost Fuel Mileage Figures Leaked

    There’s been much speculation about how well Ford will do with its upcoming Mustang models. Between criticism over adopting an independent rear suspension, speculation over dramatic weight increases (which have largely been proven false) to whether customers will buy-in to the existence of a four-cylinder model for the first time in over 20 years. As […]

    Ford Also Planning New US-Built Dedicated Hybrid Models

    Apparently, the news piece yesterday about Hyundai testing a family of standalone, dedicated Toyota Prius-fighting hybrid models could be reused today, albeit replacing Hyundai with Ford. A story in Automotive News cites two sources who say Ford’s hybrid will be the company’s first effort not adapted from a traditional vehicle, unlike the current hybridized versions […]

    NEVS Produces Saab 9-3 EV Prototypes

    National Electric Vehicle Sweden presented in Trollhättan a prototype EV based on the Saab 9-3. The prototype is a modified Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan; the batteries are placed under the floor, keeping the full interior space as well as the luggage compartment intact, stated National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS), making the vehicle as practical as […]