March 2011 Dashboard: Hybrid Car Sales Triple Increase of Auto Market

The monthly sales dashboard is a collaboration of and Baum & Associates, a Michigan-based market research firm focusing on automotive issues including the hybrid and electric vehicle market.

Hybrid sales leapt higher in March, growing by nearly 50 percent compared to February and compared to last March. The jump is impressive because it nearly tripled the 16.8 increase in overall auto sales compared to a year ago.

Lexus CT 200h

Strong sales of the Lexus CT 200h, in its first month of the market, helped boost hybrid car sales to near-record levels.

While the 34,082 hybrid car sales were not as high as the record 40,198 sales—in April 2008 during an historic run on gas prices—or as high as July and August 2009—during the Cash-for-Clunkers program, it is nonetheless a watershed month. That’s because the previous high sales months came during times of temporary government incentives, either in the form of tax credits or Cash-for-Clunkers rebates. This time around, it’s unassisted consumer demand for fuel efficiency during a time of high gas prices that’s driving sales. Furthermore, it appears that the geopolitics of oil could sustain high oil prices for an extended period of time.

In addition, the Lexus CT 200h launched with monthly sales of nearly 2,200 units, which is strong for a luxury vehicle with a starting price of $29,000. This new model immediately became the third most popular hybrid, behind the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight. While the Insight and Honda CR-Z have not met Honda’s goals, the CR-Z had its best month ever, and the Insight had its best month in the last year and a half.

Of course, the Prius continues to be a bellwether for the alternative vehicle market. Sales of the Prius have increased dramatically over the last several months, from about 10,500 in January to more than 13,500 in February and more than 18,500 in March. The March numbers were a whopping 58 percent higher than last year.

The importance of hybrid technology to Toyota is confirmed by Toyota’s decision to prioritize production of the Prius and the Lexus CT200h over production of other vehicles in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami. The availability of these Japanese-only produced vehicles may be problematic in coming months, and could push up transaction prices at the dealership.

Chevy Volt and Nisan LEAF sales are slowly turning up as availability starts to grow. With shipments of the Nissan LEAF—about 1,500 units in total—arriving in late March and early April, there should be a small spike of LEAF sales reported in the coming weeks. Yet, after that, supplies of the LEAF could be problematic as Nissan adjusts its production in the wake of the disaster. Chevy Volt sales should increase on a steadier basis.

The Volkswagen Jetta TDI made a noteworthy jump of nearly 44 percent in March, as overall sales of clean diesel vehicles increased by more than 36 percent.

The dramatic percentage gain in hybrid sales is, of course, due to higher fuel prices, but it is also due to the general economic recovery, which makes people more comfortable buying non-traditional vehicles. Buyers are moving from the “have to buy” rationale to the “want to buy” rationale. Thus, the continuing recovery augurs well for the hybrid and electric vehicle market, which will be providing more products to choose and higher volume production in the coming months and years. For example, the sales numbers and market share will continue to grow with the coming release of the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid and the larger version of the Toyota Prius, the V model.

March 2011 Hybrid Car Sales Numbers

Hybrids sold in the US (March 2011): 34,082
Hybrid Take-Rate: 2.74%

US hybrid sales for March 2011

Model Units vs. last month vs. March 2010 CYTD vs. CYTD 2010
Toyota Prius 18,605 37.4% 57.9% 42,779 51.5%
Honda Insight 2,782 61.6% 68.4% 6,058 21.8%
Lexus CT 200h 2,199 n/a n/a 2,199 n/a
Honda CR-Z 1,685 54.4% n/a 3,670 n/a
Ford Fusion 1,466 6.3% -12.2% 3,814 -4.6%
Lexus RX450h 1,438 43.9% 14.9% 3,349 6.3%
Toyota Camry 1,437 44.7% -7.2% 3,290 -4.0%
Ford Escape 1,195 50.3% 2.3% 2,510 0.0%
Toy. Highlander 797 12.7% 34.2% 2,193 50.3%
Linc. MKZ Hybrid 615 55.7% n/a 1,380 n/a
Altima 545 48.9% 38.3% 1,276 -38.4%
Honda Civic 441 -17.1% -23.8% 1,626 38.0%
Lexus HS 250h 230 25.7% -84.6% 699 -79.8%
Cad. Escalade 127 47.7% 3.3% 312 -2.8%
Porsche Cayenne 114 -19.7% n/a 467 n/a
Chevy Silverado 94 100.0% -18.3% 333 45.4%
GMC Yukon 81 35.0% -31.4% 193 -30.3%
Chevy Tahoe 70 55.6% -44.9% 181 -50.1%
BMW Hybrid 7 38 8.6% n/a 105 n/a
Mazda Tribute 34 -8.1% -42.4% 107 -25.7%
GMC Sierra 26 30.0% -60.0% 67 -56.5%
Mercedes S400 25 4.2% -74.5% 75 -70.2%
Lexus GS450h 24 -27.3% -22.6% 76 -19.1%
Lexus LS600hL 9 28.6% 0.0% 24 -27.3%
BMW X6 5 -44.4% -76.2% 19 -70.3%
Chevy Malibu Hybrid 0 -100.0% -100.0% 5 -97.7
Mercedes ML450 0 -100.0% -100.0% 1 -99.5
All hybrids 34,082 46.5% 46.4% 76,808 33.9
All vehicles 1,241,951 25.5% 16.8% 3,048,632 20.1%

March 2011 Plug-in Electric Car Sales Numbers

Plug-in cars sold in the US (March 2011): 906
Plug-in Take-Rate: 0.07%

US plug-in electric sales for March 2011

Model Units vs. last month vs. March 2010 CYTD vs. CYTD 2010
Chevrolet Volt 608 116.4% n/a 1,210 n/a
Nissan LEAF 298 344.8% n/a 452 n/a
Smart ED 0 100.0% n/a 32 n/a
All plug-in cars 906 146.9% n/a 1,694 n/a
All vehicles 1,241,951 25.5% 16.8% 3,048,632 20.1%

March 2011 Clean Diesel Car Sales Numbers

Clean Diesels sold in the US (March 2011): 8,339
Diesel Take-Rate: 0.67%

US clean diesel sales for March 2011

Model Units vs. last month vs. March 2010 CYTD vs. CYTD 2010
VW Jetta 4,753 39.6% 43.9% 11,095 44.9%
Volkswagen Golf 888 42.3% 81.6% 2,090 106.9%
BMW X5 554 3.0% -25.7% 1,735 -19.5%
Mercedes GL320 426 11.8% 50.5% 1,086 82.8%
Audi Q7 373 8.7% 68.8% 1,026 68.5%
BMW 335d 291 0.3% 18.8% 741 33.8%
Mercedes ML320 291 42.0% 39.2% 771 106.7%
Audi A3 249 35.3% -8.1% 904 20.1
Mercedes E320 248 53.1% 3,442.9% 632 2,079.3%
VW Touareg 202 14.8% -1.0% 548 7.9%
Mercedes R320 64 113.3% 236.8% 137 71.3%
Jeep Gr Cherokee n/a 100.0% 152 -52.2%
All clean diesels 8,339 31.6% 36.3% 20,917 42.9%
All vehicles 1,241,951 25.5% 16.8% 3,048,632 20.1%

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  • John Kahler

    As a Highlander Hybrid owner (2006) interesting to note the sales of the Lexus are higher, though with the second gen Highlander pushing 40K (no longer available with FWD) folks might go for the Lexus. Too bad, the Highlander FWD has been a great car.

  • folsomev

    How about Tesla? Why are they not included?

  • Matt Chatham

    Before this week, I’d only ever seen one other Insight on the road. In the last week, I’ve seen three more. Rising gas prices aren’t fun, but they clearly have a nice effect on hybrid sales.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Leaf sales have increased from 19 to 298 in just 4 months, meanwhile in Japan, they have sold more than 3,300 units. Looks like EVs are appealing for many.

    Since Leaf has approached 1/2 the Volts sales, its high time, GM reconsiders the price of Volt.

    In the very 1st month, CT200h has established itself as the leader in luxury. Great. Now Toyota has to seriously think about HS250, GS456 & LS600 hybrid models whose sales were dwindling down.

    Good that Insight sales are increasing with the launch of base model which starts at 18.2 K.

  • Anonymous

    Another way of breakup.
    Out of 34,082 hybrids sold 25,271 are the Top-4 Hybrids which are small hatchbacks and their share is 74%. Its a clear message that GM, Ford, Nissan should also launch such small hybrid hatch/wagons which are affordable and also give high mileage.

    Meanwhile Leaf / Volt duo is also rocking with 906 units sold in the 4th month of sales. Will they cross 1,000 in April.

  • Yegor

    Thank you for posting the numbers so quickly!

    It is very encouraging to see the sales of fuel efficient vehicle grow! 🙂

    But still the sales are around 3.5% only when hybrids clearly are a much better deal – for many models savings in fuel costs quickly return the higher vehicle price. It is unfortunate that only 3.5% of people realize it. 🙁

  • Yegor

    Hyundai already exceeds 2016 CAFE requirements without even selling a single hybrid – their March CAFE was 35.8 MPG (2016 CAFE requirements is 35.5):

  • Yegor

    It is sad to see Honda Insight sales are so low – it is a very inexpensive fuel efficient car that has the lowest 5-year cost of ownership between all cars on the market. 🙁

  • Charles

    There is one very good reason the Prius is so far ahead of all other hybrids. It is not its looks. It is not that it is a purpose built hybrid. It is not that its owners want to announce to the world that they care about the environment. It is because it is the best gas mileage most practical car on the planet.

    If the Ford C-Max hybrids can slot in above the CT200h in MPGs and priced in the mid 20s, that may finally give the Prius some competition. Until then the only real competition for the Prius will come from other Toyota manufactured cars.

  • rman

    For a public company, why isn’t Tesla’s sales available?

  • JJJ

    Unlike others here, the EV sales disappoint me.

    I expected a very low December. They rushed them into 2010. I expected a low January. I was disappointed by February.

    But March?

    The supply chains should be in order by now. I mean, they had 2,000 of the new lexus ready for month 1, and in 4 months, the volt and leaf combined don’t have that many?

    At this point, I’m worried it’s not a supply problem at all.

  • JamesDavis

    They didn’t mention the Telsa all electric because together, the Telsa and the Leaf would had blown the over inflated priced hybrid Volt, which they are still trying to pretend is an electric, so far out of the water that you would have to go to another planet to find the over priced Volt.

    Did you also notice that the all electric Leaf sales are so far ahead of the hybrid Volt that if you compared another all electric, like the Telsa, to the hybrid Volt – the Volt sales wouldn’t even be on the chart.

    Did you also notice that all GM sales are at rock bottom?

  • David

    Huh? Searching around Google I find Tesla saying they’re selling TEN CARS A WEEK. So 40 cars per month plus the Leaf’s 298 “blows away” the 608 of the Volt?

  • Anonymous

    Yegor : Though Insight sales does not match upto Prius, atleast its much better in March than it was in earlier months.

    At 18.2K, its ideal car for Cabbies, City dwellers and other who drive their cars to downtown for work, since this vehicle gives 40 + city mileage while others gives around 30.

    The reason it does not sell well is, the media constantly keeps talking bad about this vehicle. Even recently, someone wrote in yahoo about Top 5 high mileage cars and he mentioned CR-Z, but ignored Insight. I wonder why he did even though Insight can seat 5, has higher mileage and priced lower.

    Answer : He must be part of Oil media who dont want people to notice Insight.

    Even Prius faces that problem as the media compares Prius to Corolla. But Prius has defeated them today and has morphed into a family with a upcoming Wagon and Compact versions.

    I also wonder why Insight gives only 43 while Fit Hybrid gives 70 MPG in Japanese cycle (which could be 55 MPG in US). Instead of spending money on CR-Z, Honda could have worked to improve Insight’s mileage. I still hope Insight’s sales could grow more in the coming months as oil prices head higher. Today gas prices are $3.64 / gallon.

  • Anonymous

    GM, Ford & Chrysler have started selling NGV version of Vans and Honda is also allowing individuals to buy the Civic-GX.

    I believe atleast 1,000 CNG powered vehicles should be sold every month. It will be better if also shows their sales. After all, Natgas is a domestic non-oil fuel.

    I am happy to see the list expand from Hybrid to Diesel to Plugins/EVs.
    NGV Vans, Trucks, Buses could replace many millions of gallons of Diesel.

    Also the homes that use fuel oil for heating should switch over to natgas.

  • anonn

    “I also wonder why Insight gives only 43 while Fit Hybrid gives 70 MPG in Japanese cycle (which could be 55 MPG in US). Instead of spending money on CR-Z, Honda could have worked to improve Insight’s mileage. I still hope Insight’s sales could grow more in the coming months as oil prices head higher. Today gas prices are $3.64 / gallon.”

    Hi. AFAIK, the Honda Insight is rated in Japan at 30km/litre under Japanese 10.15 mode testing, same as that of Fit hybrid. (See Green Car Congress: Honda Insight Hybrid Goes on Sale in Japan on Friday)

  • scolas

    Hi David,
    I think the comment about Leaf and Tesla blowing away Volt included the sales of Leaf in Japan which Anonymous wrote was 3,300.

    I’m giving up waiting for Leaf and will consider the Civic GX which gets HOV lane privileges in CA until 2015. The Prius HOV perk runs out in two months

  • scolas

    Hi David,
    I think the comment about Leaf and Tesla blowing away Volt included the sales of Leaf in Japan which Anonymous wrote was 3,300.

    I’m giving up waiting for Leaf and will consider the Civic GX which gets HOV lane privileges in CA until 2015. The Prius HOV perk runs out in two months

  • anonn

    A bit further information. In the UK, Honda Insight is rated at 64.2 mpg(Imperial), which converts to roughly 53.5 mpg(U.S.); while Fit hybrid is rated at 62.8 mpg(Imperial), or about 52.3 mpg(U.S.).

  • jim1961

    I just bought a 2011 Insight. I drove the Prius and it is a great car but the Insight was thousands less and the Honda dealer offered me $1500 more for my trade in than the Toyota dealer. I’m glad to say I will be cutting my petroleum use in half.

  • JJJJ

    There was an article today in my local paper about electric cars.

    It said the local Chevy dealer has two volts…but “is not allowed” to sell one of them until summer.

    I remember a poster here saying something similar a couple of weeks back.

    Also, what can I do to stop the annoying spam filter from refreshing the page and making me eneter the letters?

  • Anonymous

    jim1961 – You made a right decision.

    At a base price of 18.2K, Insight is atleast 5K cheaper than Prius. Also you get a discount and that puts Insight at the same platform as other vehicles. I wish more people buy Insight and this will force Toyota to reduce the price of Prius.

  • Yegor

    On a positive note:
    1. GM sold all Volts it produced in March.
    2. Nissan has 20’000 wait list for Leaf.
    3. Fuel efficient vehicles sales went from 2.8% (in March 2008 when the crude oil price was the same as in March 2011 – $110 for barrel) to 3.5% in March 2011.

  • anonn

    From the article: “While the […] Honda CR-Z have not met Honda’s goals… ” I don’t understand why there is such an impression:

    1. According to BusinessWeek: “Honda, Japan’s second-largest automaker, is targeting sales of just 15,000 units a year of the CR-Z, which goes on sale in August with a starting price of less than $20,000. “

    2. In 2011, sales of CR-Z is very good. (Note: VW GTI is one of the strongest performer in the compact sporty car category.)

    Mar / YTD sales
    Honda CR-Z 1,685; 3,670
    VW GTI 1,574; 3,926

    3. From late August of which CR-Z first available for sale, 5,249 were sold in 2010. Therefore, about 9,000 are sold in a little more than 7 months (from Aug. 2010 to Mar 2011). It seems it is going to meet the sales target, provided the disruption in Japan is not causing any supply issue.

  • Emc2

    Following up the forecast I made last month, I missed my projection by 2,120 units, as cumulative Prius sales in the US reached 997,880 (see the Wikipedia article “Hybrid electric vehicles in the United States” for the year by year sales). Well, certainly the Prius will reach the one million mark on April.

    As for total hybrid sales, the count is now at 1,965,779, so if sales continue this strong the US will reach the 2 million milestone in April, or early May at the most.

  • Yegor

    There was a serious shift to subcompact cars in March as Ford sold 9,787 Fiestas and Honda sold 6,995 Fits.

  • Anonymous

    I absolutely love my Honda Insight, the Multi-Information Display makes the car a blast to drive. I get a kick out of watching my mpg go up as I drive efficiently, 47.7 mpg combined city and highway yesterday. And I love the fact I can get that kind of milage out of a car with the gages in front of me not in the middle of the dashboard as is the case with the Prius.

  • Yegor

    People report on website that Honda Insight is actually much more fuel efficient (48 MPG on average) than what EPA rated it – 41 MPG only.
    Honda Insight 48 MPG is actually the same what people report for Prius – 48 MPG.

    Sometimes EPA misses the mark with their tests.

  • Anonymous

    I think one of the problem for Lexus or Toyota, or other automakers, are sales of many hybrid cars, except Prius, do not have much staying power. Their sales drop off quickly as short as a year after introduction.

    For example, Lexus HS250h:
    first six months sales –
    543 (Aug 2009)
    1,121 (Jan 2010)

    Average monthly sales for 2010: 888
    Average monthly sales for 2011: 233 (first three months)

  • Dom

    “There is one very good reason the Prius is so far ahead of all other hybrids……. It is because it is the best gas mileage most practical car on the planet.”

    Right, and the US is the center of the universe. But I suspect if you go to Europe you might find a different car is “the best gas mileage most practical car on the planet”, not the Prius….

  • Anonymous

    Price or Prius is going up by another $500. I dont know whether its April sales will match that of March. Also the Prius I (Base Model) is available only to fleets. I see many Prius Taxis now a days. So for the individual, the start price of Prius (II) will be 23,500.

    That leaves Honda Insight as the most economical one with base price of 18.2K.

  • Nick Helix

    Great article, I have also noticed that in addition to increased gas prices, I have seen more programs like this providing monetary incentives to buy hybrid cars. I love my prius and I am glad to see a huge push towards cleaner, more fuel efficient cars.

  • Yegor

    Re: Lexus HS250h sales

    I think Linc. MKZ Hybrid took sales from Lexus HS.

  • Yegor

    I also would like to see Honda Civic CNG sales. I think that it is appropriate as they produce 20% less pollution than comparable gas vehicle so they are green vehicles also.

  • skierpage

    The European cars that get better mpg than the Prius are smaller cars ( classifies Prius as “large family car”!) with weak diesels. In its class the closest to the Prius (3.9l/100 km on the Euro cycle) is the VW Passat Saloon 1.6 CR TDI Bluemotion (4.3l/100 km), wheezing along with 105 horsepower. So depending on how you define “practical”, Charles’ statement is accurate statement worldwide.

    I wish the smaller weaker Euro cars were available in the USA, it’s crazy that you get *worse* mpg if you choose a smaller car than a Prius. Also, note that most of the high mpg Euro cars have micro or mild hybrid systems.

  • Raymond in DC

    Wow, a whole ten cars a week! Considering that Tesla took a few hundred million in stimulus grants and loans, it’s clear we’ll never get that money back. Can one say “boondoggle”?

  • Anonymous

    After becoming the 25th best selling car of Japan in February, Nissan Leaf dropped out of top 30 best selling cars in March.

  • Anonymous

    In Japan, Honda Fit outsold Prius for the 2nd time in the last 3 months with 22,284 units sold in March and only decreased 3% y/y.(Overall Japanese domestic sales dropped 37% mainly due to aftereffects of the quake.)
    It even takes the lead in the 2011 year-to-date ranking at 54,033 registrations. The Toyota Prius is a distant #2 in March with 19,702 sold (-45%) and YTD sales at 52,523 units.

  • Anonymous

    Tesla is selling at ten cars a week???

    I read that: “Back in December 2008, when Tesla was just beginning to move toward volume production, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla was producing 15 cars a week and wanted to ramp up to 30 cars a week by the spring of 2009. Tesla reiterated the estimates in March 2009…”

  • Anonymous

    Re: HS250h / MKZ sales

    Sales of HS250h / MKZ hybrid / Total
    2009 Q4 ~4,900; n/a; ~4,900 [about when HS was first launched]
    2010 Q4 ~2,700; ~1,200; ~3,900 [about when MKZ was first launched]
    2011 Q1 ~700; ~1,400; ~2,100

  • Anonymous

    Diesel prices hit $4/gallon while gasoline hits $3.7/gallon.

    I wonder whether its good to move toward Diesel especially its a fuel used to transport commodities.

    Nice to hear that Fit outsold Prius in Japan. Any idea as how many Hybrid Fits are sold.

    Leaf sales suffered in Japan because of Quake.

  • Dom

    “VW Passat Saloon 1.6 CR TDI Bluemotion (4.3l/100 km), wheezing along with 105 horsepower. “

    Wheeze? HP isn’t everything my friend. The 2011 Passat Bluemotion generates 236 lbs ft of torque from just 1750rpm… that is hardly wheezing.

    My point is different strokes for different folks. To claim the Prius is THE best car period on the whole planet etc etc is just silly and so fanboyish.

  • Anonymous

    @Dom, Any idea how many VW Passat 1.6 CR TDI Bluemotion are sold?

  • Anonymous

    According to VW UK’s web site:
    0-62 mph – 12.2 sec. CO2 – 114 g/km [Passat Bluemotion 1.6L TDI (105 hp)]
    0-62 mph – 9.8 sec. CO2 – 119 g/km [Passat 2.0 L TDI (140 hp)]

    Toyota Prius (from Toyota UK web site):
    0-62 mph – 10.4 sec. CO2 – 89 g/km

    I can’t see that Passat Bluemotion 1.6L TDI is any better than Passat 2.0 L TDI (140 hp). Nevermind the Toyota Prius that can BOTH accelerate faster and spill less carbon emission.

  • Yegor

    We are going to see lower Volt sales in April as most of them will go to demo rooms:

    GM plans to produce 15,000 in 2011 but only 10,000 for US.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Leaf sales in Japan

    Since we are talking about the sales ranking in March, I think, unless, the sales/deliveries of Leaf was more heavily impacted by the quake than other vehicles, I don’t see the quake could be a significant factor for the sales ranking to drop, relative to others.

    1. I expect in Japan, similar to the U.S., there is a list of customers who put down refundable deposits waiting eagerly for delivery. The quake may have a bigger impact on other cars;
    2. end of March means expiry of incentive for BEV in Japan, therefore, I guess every effort is made to take delivery before month end;
    3. Nissan began to ship roughly 1,500 Leaf to the U.S. before quake hit on Mar 11. I expect Nissan to be confident to have sufficient supply to meet domestic demand, before the incentive expiry.

  • Anonymous

    By this time, you may have read about the ’80 MPG’ Focus in Europe.
    What does a ’80 MPG’ diesel Focus mean?

    3.5 litre/100km = 67.2 MPG (U.S.) = 80.6 MPG (Imperial)

    By my rough estimate, 80.6 MPG (Imperial) for diesel engine is about 92-93 g/km carbon emission.

    BTW, in the UK, Prius is rated at 89 g/km carbon emission.

  • Anonymous

    Re: Fit hybrid Japan sales

    Hard to tell how many Fit hybrids were sold in Japan last month, but, last year, it was reported that Honda plans for hybrids to account for about 23 percent of its Japanese sales in fiscal year 2011 (probably means Apr 2011-Mar 2012).

  • Anonymous

    AFP: Drivers of Nissan’s electric Leaf report problems
    TOKYO — Japanese auto giant Nissan on Monday [Apr 11] said customers in the United States and Japan had reported problems restarting their all-electric Leaf vehicles after switching the motor off.

  • Yegor

    There was a massive shift to smaller cars in the last 3 months!!!:
    Small car market share grew from 16.5% in December to 20.5% in March.
    Middle car market share grew from 18.4% in December to 21.6% in March.
    Combine Small and Middle car market share grew from 34.9% in December to 42.1% in March.
    Large Pickup market share decline from 13.0% in December to 10.2% in March.
    Crossover market share decline from 26.3% in December to 24.1% in March.
    SUV market share decline from 8.0% in December to 6.4% in March.

  • Anonymous

    “Hyundai already exceeds 2016 CAFE requirements without even selling a single hybrid – their March CAFE was 35.8 MPG (2016 CAFE requirements is 35.5)”

    @Yegor: Hi. I think the often quoted 35.5 mpg for 2016 may not be reflecting the whole picture.
    According to Car and Driver:
    “The average fuel economy for cars must improve from the current 27.5 mpg, … to 37.8 mpg by 2016. The truck standard has to rise from 23.5 mpg to 28.8.”

    Furthermore, the actual CAFE is a little bit more complicated as it is adjusted by the ‘footprint’ of the vehicles. I think the current lineup from Hyundai is weighted towards cars and small crossovers, so whether their CAFE of March meets the 2016 CAFE requirement is not as clear as you stated.

  • Anonymous

    Ford Hybrid & Plug-in C-max hatchbacks are coming very soon.

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