Prior to 2010, Volkswagen flirted with high-mpg hybrid and sub-compact concept cars, but only around then began work towards its first production hybrid for model year 2013 – the Jetta Hybrid. A fairly sporty car with dual clutch auto that can be manually shifted, it’s the first of more electrified and all-electric cars to come, including the electric Golf. Where VW has long-since made its name however is with diesels. The company’s turbo-diesel “TDI” models have surpassed real-world tests of 40-plus mpg on the highway, and done respectably next to gas variants around town as well. Unlike gas-electric hybrids, clean diesels can be pushed hard and still earn those high-mpg numbers. Mercedes, BMW and Audi—all luxury carmakers—are also vying for clean diesel customers, but Volkswagen appears to be the only carmaker aiming at maximum mileage at a minimal cost. That’s a winning combination. See our list of Volkswagen cars and read the latest news about Volkswagen’s fuel efficient models.

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