VIA Motors

VIA Motors is based in Utah, its a startup, and converts for now only GM trucks to series plug-in hybrids. These vehicles aren’t yet sold to individual private consumers, but rather to fleets only. Eventually this may change as in 2013-2014 VIA has only been ramping up its Mexico production of trucks that can return 100 MPGe. Headed by that “car guy” Bob Lutz who gave the world the Viper, and then redeemed himself with the Volt, Via has more to prove, but we’re putting them on the list with a request – please make these vehicles available to consumers ASAP. Fuel savings over former guzzlers has a greater impact than making an already efficient compact car more frugal still. Other automakers should be watching VIA intently, and copy its extended-range EV formula borrowed from the Chevy Volt. Some have suggested GM should buy it, but there’s been no indication this is something either parties are pushing toward.

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