When the MINI Cooper came to the US a few years ago, the little car caused a big commotion. BMW took the classic stylish mini-car, and transformed into something suitable for modern roadways. Since its worldwide re-launch in 2001, MINI has amassed an almost cult-like following. Though the MINI Cooper is known for its looks, ultimately the car is defined by its most prominent characteristic: teacup-sized dimensions. When it comes to fuel-efficiency, size matters and the smaller the better. The Mini Cooper is quick and efficient—a great option for those in search of high mpg, pep and style. With the addition of the five-door Mini Cooper Clubman in 2008, now there’s an option that combines style, fuel efficiency, and a bit more cargo space and legroom. In addition, it appears that BMW is serious about making an all-electric MINI—still in the testing stage at this point.

Name Combined MPG Technology MSRP Available