Hyundai is setting high goals for its fuel efficiency efforts. The company sad a few years ago it plans to achieve a fleet average of 35 miles per gallon by 2015, five years ahead of the timetable for new fuel economy regulations. “We’re taking fuel efficiency higher and faster than any other carmaker. We’re going to pass Toyota and Honda by 2015,” said John Krafcik, VP of product development at Hyundai Motor America, in an interview with Hyundai’s fuel efficiency campaign—dubbed “Hyundai Blue Drive”—features a range of advanced technologies, including hybrids powered by lithium batteries, turbocharged gasoline direct injection, and eventually plug-in hybrids and fuel cell electric vehicles. But in keeping with its brand, Hyundai will also focus on near-term, low-cost fuel efficiency strategies—such as low-rolling-resistance tires, enhanced aerodynamics, and revised engine calibrations—to offer the highest mpg at the lowest cost. As of 2014, vehicles in its stable include the Sonata Hybrid, and Tucson fuel cell vehicle. Hyundai has bade very bullish statements and leads Toyota to market, and Honda will have its next-gen FCX Clarity, and Daimler is developing a FCV as well. Hyundai has no pure EVs or plug-in hybrids, and has said fuel cells are more long-term viable.

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