Honda took an early leadership role on hybrids, but hit a few bumps on the hybrid highway, especially after discontinuing the Honda Accord Hybrid and Honda Insight in 2006. The Accord Hybrid over-emphasized power instead of fuel economy, and the Insight was impractical as a two-seater. But the company is back on track. Starting in 2009, Honda roars back with the second-generation Honda Insight—a more practical four-door hybrid vehicle aimed at great fuel economy and absolute affordability. The company is following a well-defined fuel efficiency strategy: hybrids for small cars—and diesel engines for larger vehicles. And the company continues to innovate. Honda leases a handful of Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen-powered hybrids in California and sells the Civic GX, the only mass-produced car running on compressed natural gas. It also offers one of the most compelling small cars on the road, the Honda Fit. Honda consistently earns high praise from environmentalists. David Friedman, research director of Union of Concerned Scientists’ Clean Vehicles Program, said, “Honda is in a class of its own when it comes to producing clean cars and trucks.” See our list of Honda models and read the latest news about Honda’s fuel efficient models.

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