After years of suffering blows from environmentalists, General Motors emerged in 2007 with some of the most forward-thinking plans for green cars, most notably the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid. The new plans, if the company can deliver, could earn GM a nice chunk of the growing market for cars with ground-breaking fuel economy. Did GM deserve the criticism? In a word, yes. For example, GM discontinued and crushed the EV1 battery-electric vehicle, pushed the gargantuan Hummer on to American roads, greenwashed the use of corn-based ethanol, and slapped hybrid badges on sedans and large SUVs with negligible fuel efficiency benefits. Should you take a serious look at Chevy’s hybrid, small and biofuel vehicles? Again, the answer is yes. GM has steadily improved the quality and design of all its products. See our list of Chevy models and read the latest news about GM’s fuel-efficient models.

Name Combined MPG Technology MSRP Available